Hall Of Fame

The NYSPHSAA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held on July 28, 2021 at the Resorts World Catskills, Monticello, New York. The evening will begin with a cocktail reception at 5:30pm followed by the banquet at 6:30pm. Tickets and accommodation are available for purchase by following the links below.


Questions? Contact Kristen Jadin at kjadin@nysphsaa.org.




Class of 2020 - To Be Inducted July 28, 2021

Diane Chapman, Coach
Edward Goetz, Official
Carl Normandin, Administrator
Sharon Sarsen. Coach
Karen (O'Connor) Self, Athlete
Marie Terc, Official


Class of 2019 - Inducted July 31, 2019

Eileen Troy, Administrator/Coach
Jim Wolfe, Administrator
Kathy Stanilka, Coach
Dick Cerone, Administrator
Ken Strube, Coach
Anthony Famiglietti, Athlete (Not Pictured)

Class of 2018 - Inducted July 25, 2018

Tracey Fuchs, Athlete
Heidi Mann Vittengl,  Athlete
Charles Engle, Coach
Persio "Andy" Capellan, Coach
Ben Nelson, Administrator
Abby Wambach, Athlete (Not Pictured)

Class of 2017 - Inducted July 26, 2017

Hank Roth, Administrator
Lloyd Mott, Administrator
Mark Ward, Administrator
Patrick Pizzarelli, Administrator
Richard Castellano, Coach
Ed Danowski, Athlete


Class of 2016 - Inducted July 27, 2016

John C. Johnson, Coach
Jim Brown, Athlete
Joseph Cipp, Jr., Coach
Nina Van Erk, Administrator
David R. Kelly, Coach
Melissa A. West, Athlete 


Class of 2015 - Inducted July 29, 2015

Alan Mallanda, Administrator
Dominic A. Cecere, Coach
Karen C. Funk, Coach
James D. Hoover, Coach
Paula Jones, Coach
Craig Biggio, Athlete (Not Pictured)


Class of 2014- Inducted July 30, 2014

Hermon Card, Official
Karen Lopez, Administrator
Dr. Mira Martincich, Administrator
Mary Onken, Official
Robert Southworth, Coach
Carl Yastrzemski, Athlete (Not Pictured)


Class of 2013 - Inducted July 31, 2013

Tom Flatley, Coach
Joe Grady, Official
Paul M. Harrica, Administrator
James Mitchell, Coach
Gregory Ransom, Administrator
Melvin Tomalty, Official

Class of 2012 - Inducted August 1, 2012

Richard Bader, Administrator/Coach
Louis Giani, Coach
Anthony Luciano, Coach
Gina Maher, Coach
David Martens, Administrator
Judith Salerno, Administrator
Donald Snyder, Coach


Class of 2011 - Inducted August 3, 2011

Dr. Ronald Black, Administrator
Gary Clark, Coach
Joe Cuozzo, Coach
Jay Fiedler, Athlete
Louis Pettinelli, Official
Stacey Schroeder-Watt, Athlete


Class of 2010 - Inducted August 4, 2010

Nicholas DeCillis, Administrator
Sally Kus, Coach
Stanley B. Moore, Coach
Martha Slack, Administrator
Dr. James Tolle, Administrator


Class of 2009 - Inducted August 6, 2009

Theodore A. Bondi, Administrator
Robert M. Garrow, Official
Daryl P. Johnston, Athlete
John D. Jones, Administrator
Gary Montalto, Coach
Ronald A. Montalto, Administrator
Bernie O'Brien, Administrator
James A. Pinkerton, Coach
Howard C. Vogts, Coach
Susan Wicks, Athlete


Class of 2008 - Inducted August 6, 2008

Norman "Boomer" Esiason, Athlete (Not Pictured)
Sal Ciampi, Coach
Gene J. Masters, Coach
Peter K. Oley, Coach
Dr. John F. Foley, Administrator
Dr. William F. Moran, Administrator


Class of 2007 - Inducted August 8, 2007

Joan Case, Administrator
Dr. Thad R. Mularz, Administrator
Otis Edmond Sennett, Administrator
Theodore R. Woods, Administrator
Robert Barrows, Coach
Lawrence J. Mulvaney, Coach
Stanley G. Riggs, Coach
Leonard R. Maida, Official
Dottie Pepper, Athlete (Not Pictured)
Mitchell Kupchak, Athlete


Class of 2006 - Inducted August 10, 2006

Jacqueline A. Brummer, Esq., Athlet
Drake M. Francescone, Coach
Thomas W. Hall, Coach
Robert L. Kersch, Official
Michael A. Messere, Coach
Paul J Weatherup, Official


Class of 2005 - Inducted August 4, 2005

Catherine Gallagher, Administrator
Michaela Kasner, Administrator
Bernard "Putt" LaMay, Administrator
Anthony Sabella, Administrator
John Halloran, Coach
Arthur Jessup, Coach
John Trautmann, Athlete
John Trembley, Athlete
Edward Leibinger, Official



Class of 2004 - Inducted August 5, 2004

Marcus Martone, Administrator
Sandra Scott, Administrator
Nancy Cole, Coach
Carol Moss, Coach
John Tehonica, Coach
Ernie Davis, Athlete
Thomas McTaggert, Official


Inaugural Class of 2003 - Inducted August 7, 2003

Alton B. Doyle, Administrator
Jerry Walczak, Coach
Debbie Grant, Athlete
Marilyn Cross, Official