NYSPHSAA Sportsmanship Matters Brochure




Overview: Sportsmanship is an important part of educational athletics, and student cheering sections can be a key factor in having a festive high school event. The New York State Public High School Athletic Association wants to see your student section in action, and see how you contribute to a fun and positive experience. The NYSPHSAA Battle of the Fans competition will let us all see just who has the top student cheering section in New York.

Get Involved: To get involved in the contest, follow these steps before the Monday, JANUARY 9th (NOON) deadline:

  1. FILM YOUR STUDENTS. Get your video camera and film your student section in action on a game time.
  2. POST TO YOUTUBE. Edit your video to no more than 3 minutes, and post to YouTube. The deadline is Monday, January 9th at noon. Remember: you must include at least 30 seconds of discussion about why your school should be named the winner. Also, try to inlude discussion on sportsmanship (i.e. why it is important, what sportsmanship means to your school and community, how sportsmanship is displayed in your cheers, etc.)
  3. EMAIL US YOUR LINK. Email your YouTube link to kjadin@nysphsaa.org. We'll add it to our Battle of the Fans playlist!
Here’s more about the competition…
Positive Sportsmanship
Student Body Participation
School Spirit
Originality of Cheers
Organization of the Group
Student Section Leadership
Overall Impression / FUN 


After all videos have been posted (Monday, January 9th), the NYSPHSAA staff will choose the Top 3 Finalists. 
Members of the NYSPHSAA staff will tour around New York and visit the 3 Finalists on a home game night. We’ll shoot and edit our own video to document our experience at your school. We'll also meet with the school's student leaders and write stories about our experience. The videos and stories can be found on the NYSPHSAA's website, under the Overtime Sports section, and we'll also tweet the links and post to Facebook for other students to see. 



YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Vote via the NYSPHSAA Facebook Page, Instagram Page, and Twitter Feed! No matter the size of your school, get your classmates and community to VOTE! Votes will be counted in comparison to the size of the school. 500 votes from a school with 1,000 students is better than 500 votes from a school with 2,000 students.



The winner will be announced before the start of February break on Friday, February 12th. A presentation will be made during a school sporting event or school-wide assembly following the conclusion of the NYSPHSAA Winter Championships. 


Monday, January 9th NOON  Video Submission Deadline - Email Kristen Jadin your video
Tuesday, January 10th-Friday, February 3th  Finalists site visits by NYSPHSAA
Wednesday, February 8th-Friday, February 10th Voting via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Friday, February 10th Battle of the Fans Champion Announced
TBA Presentation of banner to winning school



Check out our past winners from Webster Schroeder High School, Bethlehem High School, and Norwich High School! Who wants to join them as BATTLE OF THE FANS CHAMPIONS???


2015-2016 Champion: Webster Schroeder High School (Section 5) 2014-2015 Champion: Bethlehem High School (Section 2)
 2013-2014 Champion: Norwich High School (Section 4)  


Also, check out some awesome fan sections throughout New York State!



If you have questions regarding the 2016-2017 Battle of the Fans competition, contact the NYSPHSAA office at (518) 690-0771, email Todd Nelson tnelson@nysphsaa.org, Kristen Jadin kjadin@nysphsaa.org, website@nysphsaa.org, or Tweet @NYSPHSAA!


The NYSPHSAA and Time Warner Cable SportsChannel "Stay in the Game" Sportsmanship Program was launched in the 2013-2014 school year.

Objective:       To recognize schools that complete the entire school year without a disqualification penalty, for unsportsmanlike conduct, for a coach and/or player at all levels of competition.

Recognition:    Each school that meets the objective will receive a decal recognizing the year of accomplishment.

Ceremony:      Each school that meets the objective will be listed in the program at the annual summer meeting recognition dinner.  The Section with the highest percentage of schools that meet the objective will be presented a trophy at the annual summer meeting to display in the section office for a period of one year.

Partnership:  The NYSPHSAA and Time Warner Cable Sports Channel are proud to be able to provide this wonderful recognition program to our member schools.  Sportsmanship is considered the foundation of a strong and healthy interscholastic athletic program.  Promotion of positive sportsmanship is the goal of all interscholastic athletic programs and can only be obtained by administrators, coaches, students, officials, parents, and spectators working together to foster healthy interscholastic experience.

The Sportsmanship Promotion Survey is designed to assess how schools are promoting positive sportsmanship within their athletic departments. This survey is a tool that can be used by athletic administrators to examine policies and procedures and that can be used to promote positive sportsmanship. The responses range from no policies/procedures/programs at the school (1), to exemplary policies/procedures/programs (5), with (3) being average policies/procedures/programs. The top 5 scoring schools of each section will receive a plaque. Those plaque award winners will then be put in a pool to potentially receive the Sportsmanship Promotion Banner Award.  The award is presented to schools which have developed proactive approaches in keeping sportsmanship in the forefront with their students, coaches, spectators, and communities. Deserving schools will be recognized by the NYSPHSAA and honored at the NYSPHSAA Central Committee Meeting. Click HERE to fill out the Sportsmanship Promotion Survey.