Media Policy and Procedures
Annual Media Credentials

All bona-fide media (daily or weekly print newspapers, broadcast/community television stations, broadcast radio stations) are required to submit a media credential request online. The request should be submitted between August 1st and September 30th for the upcoming school year of state tournaments. The request should come from the Sports Editor or Sports Director. Requests will be reviewed and all approved credential requests will be distributed by mail. Credentials will be valid for all NYSPHSAA state tournaments in the current year and are only transferable within media organizations.

Temporary Media Credentials

For temporary media credentials to specific NYSPHSAA Championships, visit the media page .

Media Gate Entrance

The majority of the NYSPHSAA tournament sites will have a media pass list at the main admission gates. The media pass list will be created by the tournament site media coordinator and NYSPHSAA Director of Communications in advance of the tournament per each media request. Please refer to the Media Contact List. In all other situations the media will be directed to the Will Call window and will be required to present the following forms of ID for access to media areas:

  • Official NYSPHSAA Media Credential and photo ID (license, passport, etc.) OR
  • All of the following: An official NYS Press Association ID, newspaper/TV media ID, AND a photo ID (license, passport, etc.)
Radio/TV Broadcasting

All media outlets interested in broadcasting State Tournament quarterfinals, semifinals or finals must gain approval from the NYSPHSAA Director of Communications. 

For radio, a contract can be obtained from the NYSPHSAA web site, completed, then sent to NYSPHSAA for approval. A $250 rights fee is required to be paid for each contest prior to the start of each contracted broadcast.

Spectrum Sports is the official televison broadcast partner of the NYSPHSAA. The NFHS Network is the official streaming partner of NYSPHSAA. If you are interested in broadcasting or streaming, contact the Director of Communications. Rights fees are associated with broadcasting of any kind.

Blogging, Tweeting and Live Web highlights

Each credential holder has the privilege to blog, tweet or post highlights during contests through their media outlet. Live-video/digital images is not permitted (including steaming through mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices). Live images are exclusive to the NYSPHSAA and its rights holders. If the NYSPHSAA deems that a Credential Holder is producing a real-time description of the contest, the NYSPHSAA reserves all actions against Credential Holder, including but not limited to the revocation of the credential. If media intend to blog at a NYSPHSAA championship event, the media entity must indicate so through the credentialing process. In return, all media entities entering a blog must post the NYSPHSAA logo/link on their site. All blogs must be free of charge to readers.

Press Box/Press Table

For those possessing an official NYSPHSAA Media Credential, all media areas will be accessible with the badge visible at all times. For all others, temporary badges will be issued to media and access to media areas may be limited due to official NYSPHSAA credential holders. Temporary badges must also be visible at all times.

Media members, even with an official NYSPHSAA Media Credential, should confirm their attendance, and/or a representative from the same media outlet, prior to the Championship Event. This ensures that adequate space is available for all working media.

All media members are asked to check in with the tournament site media coordinator or NYSPHSAA Director of Communications at the press box/press table.


Areas have been established at state tournament venues where photographers and videographers will be free to work, and additionally, will not interfere with the contest or the view of spectators.

The NYSPHSAA Office will designate an official tournament photographer at least 30 days prior to each tournament. That photographer will have access to all areas of the venue to take photographs and will have the rights to sell tournament photographs. The official tournament photographer will be exclusive and sign an official photography agreement for that specific tournament.

NO OTHER TOURNAMENT PHOTOGRAPHERS, except bona fide media, will be allowed access to or be given permission to operate at NYSPHSAA tournaments. This includes, but is not limited to, school or team contracted photographers, web site photographers, non-media affiliated photographers, parents, and coaches intending to photograph. Please contact the NYSPHSAA office for more information on bidding to be the official photographer of state tournaments. Selling of photographs or use of photographs other than reporting news, is strictly prohibited without prior written consent to NYSPHSAA. Violators who attempt to sell or distribute photographs will not be issued a media credential for future NYSPHSAA events for an indefinite period of time.

Television camera personnel are to register with the tournament media coordinator to obtain instructions for videotaping. Videotaping is subject to approval of the NYSPHSAA including highlight shows and broadcasts. Highlight reels of contests should not exceed 3:00 (THREE MINUTES) in length.

The schools involved in each contest will be provided with an area for videotaping their contest. These tapes are to be used only for review by the school coaching staff and team. The tapes may not be used for public viewing, fundraising or internal broadcasting. Videotaping by schools may be limited in some sports. All videographers must get approval from the NYSPHSAA office at least 48 hours prior to the contest. All videographers are required to submit to NYSPHSAA one copy on DVD of the videotaped contest.

Post Contest Interview Room

The media coordinator for each tournament site will arrange and plan for a post contest interview and photography area where applicable. The following provisions also apply to post game interviewing:

  • Team locker rooms are off limits to any persons not directly associated with the team.
  • All media is to respect the decisions of coaches regarding their rights to privacy for post contest team meetings. A person may be appointed to act as a liaison between the media and the teams to assist in interview requests.

Due to the limitations of some tournament sites, interviews may be held on the contest field or court. In such instances, all reporters and photographers are to respect the privacy of team bench areas and the official post contest ceremonies. In all cases, consult with the Director of Communications or Tournament Site Media Coordinator regarding the policies and procedures which have been established prior to the tournament.

All Media Inquiries:
NYSPHSAA Director of Communications: 
Chris Watson
Phone: (518) 690-0771 x308