Changes to the NYSPHSAA Handbook
  • Approved “Proxy” language for Executive/Central Committee (October 2015)
  • Starting in 2016 season all adult softball coaches must wear a hard shell helmet while coaching first and third base (October 2015)
  • Approved Modified Wrestling Game condition #1b and #6b regarding the number of modified wrestling matches (October 2015)
  • Approved Modified wrestling game condition #6c regarding sudden victory overtime period (October 2015)
  • Approved with Section/League approval, modified wrestlers shall have the option of wearing an alternative to the tradition wrestling singlet (October 2015)
  • Approved Tom Fitzpatrick (Section 8) as Modified Tennis Coordinator (October 2015)
  • Approved NYSPHSAA requiring all private/parochial schools to comply with all coaching certification requirements as outlined in the Commissioner’s Part 135.4 effective July 1, 2016 (October 2015)
  • Approved extending the Boys Volleyball libero uniform waiver through the 2018 Boys Volleyball season (October 2015)
  • Approved Friends and Neighbors (October 2015)
  • Approved New Members (October 2015)
  • Approved Chris Joyce as Director of Sales and Marketing (November 2015)
  • Approved a change to the Rule #22 “Practice Sessions” (January 2016)
  • Approved Friend and Neighbors (January 2016)
  • Approved the Single Soccer Official Rule (May 2016)
  • Approved the waiver of the “all white” soccer uniform for the Modified/Freshman/JV soccer for the 2016 and 2017 season (May 2016)
  • Girls Golf – approved point of emphasis to allow coaches to coach green to tee (May 2016)
  • Approved 4 classification cut-off numbers for Girls Lacrosse (May 2016)
  • Approved Boys Ice Hockey cut-off numbers (May 2016)
  • Approved Friend and Neighbor Status (May 2016)
  • Endorsed USA Heads Up Coaching Education Program (May 2016)
  • Approved in Softball from Regional competition on, the host team is the home team effective for the 2016 season (May 2016)
  • Approved Julie Bergman as 2nd Vice president (July 2016)
  • Approved added language to clarify transfer rule for 7th and 8th graders (July 2016)
  • Approved Weather Bug as the official weather site for the Heat Index and Wind Chill Procedure (July 2016)
  • Approved revisions to Modified minimum number of practices (July 2016)
  • Approved changes to Modified football (July 2016)
  • Approved Modified football allowed to play 3 games in 14 days (July 2016)
  • Approved to extend Modified soccer goalie waiver (July 2016)
  • Approved to remove shin guard requirement from NYSPHSAA Handbook (July 2016)
  • Approved to revise Winter and Spring Modified start dates (July 2016)
  • Approved Chris Watson as Director of Communications (July 2016)
  • Approved classification number for Boys Lacrosse (July 2016)
  • Approved to discontinue small bore/22 and replace with 3-P air rifle starting with 2017 regional (July 2016)
  • Approved to adopt NRA Precision Air Rifle Position Rules (July 2016)
  • Approved the use of a non-orange ball for any game during the regular season in Girls Basketball (July 2016)
  • Approved the number of timeouts during a game for Girls Basketball (July 2016)
  • Approved to waive the NCAA Challenge Review System for Boys and Girls Volleyball (July 2016)
  • Approved Section VI pilot program in Boys Basketball (July 2016)
  • Approved the definition of a match in Girls Volleyball (July 2016)
  • Approved a minimum amount of Cheer and Dance in a routine in Cheerleading (July 2016)
  • Approved additional language for combining of teams (July 2016)
  • Approved Sport Coordinator appointments (July 2016)
  • Approved Friends and Neighbors (July 2016)
  • Approved new member school (July 2016)
  • Approved multi school event for Wrestling (July 2016)


518-690-0771/fax: 518-690-0775

WEB SITE: www.nysphsaa.org



Robert J. Zayas Executive Director


*General administration of all NYSPHSAA, Inc. activities*Official liaison to the National Federation and State Education Department *Central and Executive Committee meetings *Official interpreter of Eligibility Standards, Policies and Eligibility*Section Appeals  Coordinators Committee*Coordination of Administrative and Office Staff *Financial and Legal matters



Joe Altieri Assistant Director  altieri@nysphsaa.org


*Championship Policies Procedures *Championship  Advisory Committee*Championship-Competition, Schedule, Finances, Awards, Sites and Contracts*Championship Hotel and Banquet Contracts

*Time Warner Contract*Hall of Fame *Merchandise Contract *Branding*On-line Ticketing







Todd Nelson Assistant Director  tnelson@nysphsaa.org


*Sanctioning*Modified Committee*Safety/ RiskManagement Liaison*Coordination of Rules Publications- ordering/distribution*School  Classification*Sportsmanship  Promotion*Professional Development*Weight Certification *Championship Programs*Unified Sports*Cheerleading *Battle of the Fans *ImPact Coordinator *OCF Liaison *Officiating Services Liaison *Handbook Updates


Chris Watson

Director of Communications  cwatson@nysphsaa.org


*Website Management and Maintenance *NYSPHSAA Social Media*OvertimeSports*Annual NYSPHSAA Calendar*Championship Badges*ChampionshipPreviews and Coverage *MaxPreps Website Integration

*NYSPHSAA Records Database*Media, Public Relations *Public Service Announcements*Technology

*Photography/Videography *NYSPHSAA News






Kristen Suatoni Jadin
Special Program Director


*Life of an Athlete Liaison*Scholar Athlete Program*Student Advisory Council*Community Service

*Student Participation (NYSPHSAA/NFHS)*Pre and Post Championship Communication

*Coordinator of Ball Adoption Logistics*Athlete Director Directory*Sportsmanship Programs






Chris Joyce

Director of Sales and Marketing  cjoyce@nysphsaa.org


*Corporate Sponsorships*NYSPHSAA Championships Sponsors*NYSPHSAA Championships Promotion and Marketing*NYSPHSAA Corporate Partner Relations*NYSPSHAA Sales and Marketing Reports

*NYSPHSAA Championships Programs Advertising*Radio and Television Marketing*NYSPHSAA Championship Public Address Script







Lisa Arnold Treasurer  larnold@nysphsaa.org


*NYSPHSAA Finances*Annual Budget*Invoicing*Tax Return/IRS*Membership Dues*Investment Liaison*Annual Audit



Sandy Schanck                                                          Renee James

Administrative Assistant                                                   Legal Cousel  SSchanck@nysphsaa.org                                                                          reneejames@twcny.rr.com







Peggy Schindler Distribution Director PSchindler@nysphsaa.org








Jim Osborne

Paul Harrica


1st Vice President

137 Hobblebush Drive

14 Kimberly Lane

Milford, PA 18337

Morrisonville, NY 12962






Julie Bergman

Steve Broadwell

2nd Vice President Franklin Central School

Past President

Willsboro Central School

26 Institute Street

29 School Lane

Franklin, NY 13775

Willsboro, NY 12996


518-963-4456 ext. 203












Thomas McGuire

Darryl Daily

Pupil Benefits Plan, Inc.

State Education Department

101 Dutch Meadow lane

Room 320-ENB

Glenville, NY 12302

Albany, NY 12234




518-473-4884 (fax)





Alan Mallanda, Executive Director, NYS Athletic Administrators Association Jeff Rabey and Maureen Donahue, NYS Council of School Superintendents Colleen Corsi, NYSAHPERD

Jim Rose, NYSAHPERD Councilof Administrators



The New York State Public High School Athletic Association, Inc. is administered by a Board of Directors known as the Central Committee, consisting of representatives from each of the eleven sections. The Executive Committee of twenty-two members, two from each section, has general management of the Association in the interval between meetings of the Central Committee. The members of the Central Committee are listed below with the Executive Committee member names capitalized in the first two columns. The branch of service of each member and their year of term expiration in August is listed below each name.






Andrew Irvin

Dave Goddard

Bronxville HS

Hendrick Hudson

Carmel CSD

Arlington HS

Bronxville 10708

Montrose 10548

Carmel 10512

LaGrangeville 12540





2014 ATH (G)

2017 PRIN

2019 CSO

2016 (B)






Ryan Sherman

Peter Bednarek

Albany HS

Shaker HS

Schuylerville CSD

Scotia-Glenville HS

Albany 12203

Latham 12110

Schuylerville 12871

Schenectady 12302





2017 ATH (G)

2019 ATH (B)

2018 CSO

2016 PRIN






Michael Cring

Tim Ryan

Homer CS

Little Falls HS

Cooperstown CS

Fabius Pompey HS

Homer 13045

Little Falls 13365

Cooperstown 13326

Fabius 13063





2047 ATH (B)

2018 ATH (G)

2019 PRIN

2016 CSO






Terry Heller

Gordon Daniels

Franklin CS

Windsor HS

Chenango Valley

Franklin CS

Franklin 13775

Windsor 13865

Binghamton 13901

Franklin 13775





2017 ATH (G)

2019 ATH (G)

2016 PRIN

2018 CSO






Merrit Holley

Tim Hayes

Genesee HS

Greece Olympia HS


Geneseo HS

Genesee 14454

Rochester 14615

CSD Caledonia 14423

Geneseo 14454





2017 ATH (B)

2018 ATH (G)

2019 PRIN

2016 CSO







Jim Spanbauer

Mike Wendt

Eden CSD

Pioneer HS

Niagara Falls HS

Wilson CS

Eden 14057

Yorkshire 14173

Niagara Falls 14305

Wilson 14172




716-751-9341 x.120

2017 ATH (G)

2019 ATH (B)

2016 PRIN

2018 CSO






Tim Farrell

Dr. John McDonald Jr.

1 Righi Way

Indian Lake CS

Minerva CS

Ticonderoga CS

Plattsburg 12901

Indian Lake 12842


Ticonderoga 12883


518-648-5024 x. 230


518-585-7442 x. 110

2019 ATH (B)

2016 ATH (G)

2017 PRIN

2019 CSO






Neil Connolly

Henry Grishman

Carle Place CS

Massapequa HS

25 Neptune

Jericho SD

Carle Place

Massapequa 11758


Jericho 11753


516-308-5080 x. 445


516-203-3600 x.3201

2019 ATH (G)

2016 ATH (B)

2017 PRIN

2018 CSO






Rosario Agostaro

David Bernsley

Washingtonville CSD

8 Gardner Ave Ext.

Rondout Valley

Monroe Woodbury

Washingtonville 10992

Middletown 10940

Accord 12404

Central Valley 10917

845-497-4000 x. 27052




2016 ATH (G)

2017 ATH (B)

2018 CSO

2019 PRIN





James Guikshank

Tony Bjork

Robert Stewart

Edwards-Knox CSD


Ogdensburg Free Acad


Hermon 13652

Norwood 12668

Ogdensburg 13669

Parishville 13672





2019 ATH (G)

2017 CSO

2016 ATH (B)

2018 PRIN




Deb Ferry


Patricia Sullivan-Kriss

Edwin Thompson

Port Jefferson SD

Baypoint-Blue Point HS

Hauppauge UFSD

Smithtown East HS

Port Jefferson 11777

Baypoint 11705

Hauppauge 11788

St. James 11780





2019 ATH (G)

2016 ATH (B)

2018 CSO

2017 PRIN


Explanation of Abbreviations

CSO – Chief School Officer                                                                PRIN – Principal

ATH (B) – Male Representative of Athletics                                ATH (G) – Female Representative of Athletics







2016 Central Committee








Patrick Pizzarelli

Long Beach, NY 11561 516-528-6529


Jim Rose, Co-Chair Yonkers Public Schools Yonkers, NY 10701



Steve Broadwell Willsboro Central School 29 School Lane

Willsboro, NY 12996

518-963-4456 ext. 203

Judith Salerno, Co-Chair

148 Pine Street Garden City, NY 11530


Dennis Burkett, Chairman 12 Enterprise Road

New Paltz, NY 12561 845-475-2565


Steve Broadwell Willsboro Central School 29 School Lane

Willsboro, NY 12996

518-963-4456 ext. 203

NYSPHSAA Liaison Todd Nelson Latham, NY 12110



Julie Bergman

Franklin Central School 26 Institute Street

Franklin, NY 13775



Joe Alterie, NYSPHSAA Latham, NY 12110



Todd Nelson, NYSPHSAA Latham, NY 12110




Paul Harrica

14 Kimberly Lane

Morrisonville, NY 12962


Patti Murphy

65 Davis Street

Binghamton, NY 13905



Kristen Suatoni-Jadin, NYSPHSAA Latham, NY 12110



Todd Nelson, NYSPHSAA Latham, NY 12110


Murphee Hayes

Whitney Point Central High School Whitney Point, NY 13862




Questions regarding any Standing Committee may be directed to The NYSPHSAA staff at 518-690-0771
























(*Official Coordinator)



BASEBALL:                  Ed Dopp, Coordinator(August2018)

Shaker High School, Latham 12110 518-785-5511

Al Roy, Assistant Coordinator (August 2018)


  1. *Phil DiRuocco, Mt. Kisco10549
  2. Pat Amendola, Pleasantville HS 10570
  3. Al Roy, Latham 12110
  4. Robert Southworth, Syracuse 13207
  5. Bob Fenton, Appalachian 13732 (A,B)
  6. *Terry Raymond, Deposit 13754 (C,D)
  7. Bill Bowe, Canandaigua 14424
  8. Jim Conley, Lockport 14094
  9. Lee Yaeger, Saranac 12981
  10. Don Lang, North Shore HS, Glen Head 11545
  11. Dave Onusko, Marlboro CS 12542
  12. Steve Lashomb, Norwood-Norfolk HS 13668
  13. Joseph Tasman, Hauppauge HS11788 Modified         Steve Nolan, Warrensburg CSD 12885



BASKETBALL:              Bob Mayo, Coordinator (August 2021)

Middle Country 11720



  1. Roman Catalino, Somers HS, Lincolndale 10540
  2. Mike Lilac, Stillwater 12170
  3. Scott Sugar, Oswego City SD 13126
  4. Ken Goldberg, Conklin 13748
  5. Mark Woitach, Binghamton 13905
  6. Jack Purifacto, Spencerport 14559
  7. *Jon Roth, Grand Island 14072
  8. Larry Jones, Cayuga Heights Elem., Depew 14043
  9. Brian Cross, Moriah CS, Port Henry 12974
  10. Walter Bachmann, Jericho 11753
  11. Fred Ahart, Roscoe HS 12776
  12. Bill Merna, Ogdensburg Free Academy, Ogdensburg 13669
  13. Bob Mayo, Middle Country SD, Centereach 11720 Modified            Bob Hummel,Queensbury HS 12804



BOWLING                    Mike O'Connell, Coordinator (August 2018)

Clay 13041


  1. Rich Silverstein, Solomon Schechter HS, Hartsdale 10530
  2. William Neumann, Rensselaer 12144
  3. Mike O'Connell, Clay 13041
  4. Pete Girolamo, Waverly HS 14892
  5. Wayne Inman, Canandaigua 14424
  6. Dan Kaplan, Cheektowaga, HS, Buffalo 14225
  7. Charles Stone, Beekmantown CS. West Chazy 12992
  8. Bryan Landini, Clarke HS, Westbury 11590
  9. Erena O'Brien, Poughkeepsie 12601
  10. Eileen Kilcullen, Franklin Academy, Malone 12953
  11. Larry Philips, Central Islip Schools, Central Islip11722



CROSS                          Chuck Wiltse, Coordinator (August 2019)

COUNTRY                    Macedon 14502



  1. Richard Clark, Scarsdale 10583
  2. Ed Springstead, Shaker HS, Latham 12110
  3. Jack Bernard, South Lewis HS, Turin 13473
  4. *Steve Baxter, Binghamton 13901
  5. Todd James, Marathon CS 13803
  6. Dale Ladd, Clifton Springs 14432
  7. Michael Janisch, Silver Creek 14136
  8. Michael Kiely, Crown Point 12928
  9. Adam McKenzie, Great Neck North HS 11023
  10. Tom Vandewater Canton 13617
  11. Chris McRoberts, Ogdensburg Free Academy, Ogdensburg 13669
  12. Joe Pennacchio, Half Hollow Hills CSD, Dix Hills 11746 Modified     Patrick Patterson, Newark Valley CS, Newark 13811



FOOTBALL:                 Gary Van Derzee, Coordinator (August 2021)

Ravena 12143


  1. Chuck Scarpulla, Sleepy Hollow HS 10591
  2. Gary Van Derzee, Ravena12143
  3. Bob Campese, E. Syracuse 13057
  4. *Dave Garbarino, Binghamton HS 13905
  5. Joel Wilson, Susquehanna Valley HS, Conklin 13748
  6. Richard Cerone, Rochester 14626
  7. Ken Stoldt, Akron CS 14001
  8. Mark Farmer, Saranac Lake CS 12983
  9. Pat Pizzrelli, Lawrence HS, Cedarhurst 11516
  10. David Coates, Middletown HS 10940
  11. Glen Maisch, Kingston HS 12401
  12. Matt Tessmer, Ogdensburg Free Academy 13669
  13. Tom Combs, Patchogue-Medford HS, Medford 11763 Modified            Steve Nolan, Warrensburg CSD 12885



GOLF:                          Doug Courtright, Coordinator(August 2017) Endicott 13760


Dylan Bronson, AssistantCoordinator(August 2017) Pittsford-Sutherland HS 14534



  1. Brady Kittredge, Horace Greeley HS, Chappaqua 10514
  2. Jak Bestle, Albany Academies 12208
  3. Dan Bronchetti, Corcoran HS, Syracuse13207
  4. Doug Courtright, Endicott 13760
  5. Josh Norcross, Penfield 14526
  6. Nate Leary, Orchard Park HS 14127
  7. Chris DuBay, AuSableValley HS, Clintonville 12924
  8. Tom Reynolds, East Meadow HS, East Meadow 11554
  9. Tome Howe, Cornwall  HS, New Windsor 12553
  10. Tim Hayes, Massena 13662
  11. Dennis Maloney, Sayville HS 11796





ICE HOCKEY:             Scott Stuart, Coordinator(August 2018)

Queensbury High School 12084


  1. John Orlando, Cornwall 12518
  2. Scott Stuart, Queensbury HS 12804
  3. John Cunningham, New Hartford 13413
  4. Rick Armstrong, Ithaca 14850
  5. Scott Morrison, Webster CS 14580
  6. Mark DiFilippo, Niagara Wheatfield HS, Sanborn 14132
  7. Justin Frechette, Chazy CS 12972
  8. No Program
  9. Paul Bacsardi, Chester 10918
  10. Randy Brown, Canton HS 13617
  11. No Program

Modified           Dean Berardo, Brewster HS 10509




LACROSSE:                  Jim Amen, Assistant Coordinator (August 2021) Manhasset HS 11030

Tim Mullens, Assistant Coordinator (August 2021) Bayport-Blue Point HS, Bayport 11705

631-472-7800 ext. 278


  1. Vincent Louther, Clarkstown South HS, West Nyack 10994
  2. Robert Gula, Schenectady12303
  3. Robert Goss, Lowville Academy 13367
  4. Barry Ilse, Vestal High School 13850
  5. Mike Simon, Geneva HS 14456
  6. John Faller, Maplemere Elem. Sch., Amherst 14221
  7. No Program
  8. Jim Amen, Manhasset HS, Manhasset 11030
  9. Bob Slate, Saugerties HS 12477
  10. Tim Youngs, Canton HS 13617
  11. Tim Mullens, Bayport-BluePoint HS, Bayport 11705 Modified            Gordie Pollard, Vestal 13850



RIFLERY:                     George Hathaway, Coordinator (August 2020)

Surf City, NC 28445

Rich Bullis, Assistant Coordinator (August 2019) Glen Cove HS 11542


  1. No Program
  2. No Program
  3. Paul Menjik, Central Square 13036
  4. No Program
  5. No Program
  6. Paul Borkowski, Lancaster 14086
  7. No Program
  8. Richard Bullis, Glen Cove HS  11542
  9. No Program
  10. Kevin McBath, Massena CS 13662
  11. No Program



SKIING:                        Dennis O'Brien, Coordinator (August 2020)

Alfred Almond HS, Almond 14804 607-324-5439


  1. Mark Conklin, Patterson 12563
  2. Jeff Dock, Glens Falls 12801
  3. Mike Mitchell, Old Forge 13420
  4. George Redden, Margaretville 12455
  5. Bill Matthews, Henrietta 14467
  6. No Program
  7. Christian Wissler, Lake Placid CS 12946
  8. No Program
  9. Alpine: Janet Carey, Neversink 12765
  10. Nordic: John Stern, New Paltz HS 12561
  11. Sarah Bencze, Tupper Lake CS 12986
  12. No Program



SOCCER:                      Mike Andrew, Coordinator (August 2021)

Binghamton 13903



  1. Jay Karol, Eastchester 10709
  2. Jim Gillis, Schenectady 12303
  3. Charles Engle, Oriskany Falls 13425
  4. *Michael Andrew, Binghamton 13903
  5. Adam Heck, Lansing CS 14882
  6. Gary Pollock, Rochester 14612
  7. *Todd Marquardt, Kenmore West HS, Buffalo 14223
  8. John Luce, Allegany-Limestone HS, Allegany 14706
  9. Rob McCauliff, Chazy HS12921
  10. Al Freeman, Malverne 11565
  11. Tony Martelli, Newburgh 12550
  12. Pete Ferguson, Highland HS 12528
  13. Bill Reed, Lisbon CS 13658
  14. MikeHuey, Mattituck 11952 Modified         Matt Wood, Vestal MS 13850



SWIMMING:                 Peter Hugo (August 2018)

Great Neck 11023


Scott Warner, Assistant Coordinator (August 2018) Walden 12586


  1. Meg Kaplan, South Salem 10590
  2. Brian Melanson, Zoller Elem. School, Schenectady 12308
  3. Bob Bewley, CBA Syracuse 13214
  4. Dan Zembek, Binghamton 13905
  5. Keith Shields, Victor CSD 14564
  6. *James Graczyk, Pioneer HS, Yorkshire 14173
  7. Al Fritzinger, Heim MS, Williamsville 14221
  8. *Scott Keeney, Plattsburgh HS 12901
  9. Doug Garrand , AuSable Valley CS, Clintonville 12924
  10. Peter Hugo, Great Neck 11023
  11. Scott Warner, Valley Central HS, Montgomery 12549
  12. Brandon Pelkey, Malone 12953
  13. Edward Kropp, Sayville 11782 Modified    Tom DeYoung, Newark 14513



TENNIS:                       Selina DeCicco (August 2017) Ellenville High School 12428 845-647-0123 ext. 509


  1. Calvin Kramer, Bedford 10506
  2. Stanley France, Middleburgh 12122
  3. Bob Walrath, Cortland HS 13045
  4. Todd Ginnan, Elmira 14901
  5. Rick Steiner, Perry CS 14530
  6. Terry McMahon, Orchard Park 14127
  7. George Bailey, Lake Placid CS 12946
  8. Barry Kubit, Oceanside11572
  9. *Urvashi Gupta, Monticello HS 12701
  10. LuAnn McCarthy, Port Jervis HS 12771
  11. No Program
  12. Joseph Braico, Southold HS 11971 Modified          Tom Fitzpatrick, Wheatley 11568



TRACK &                    Tom Wells, Coordinator (August 2017) FIELD New Hartford HS 13413


  1. Ralph Coleman, Stony Point 10980
  2. David Peterson, Fonda-Fultonville HS, Fonda 12068
  3. Tom Wells, New Hartford 13413
  4. Lee Stuttle, Dryden 13053
  5. Kevin Rosko, Campbell-Savona HS14821
  6. Paul Ksionzyk, Olean HS 14760
  7. Heith Ford, Ausable Valley HS, Clintonville 12924
  8. Ed Corona, North Shore HS, Glen Head 11545
  9. Joe Iatauro, Grahamville 12740
  10. John Tebo, Ogdensburg Free Academy13669
  11. Tony Toro, Miller Place 11764

Modified           Teresa Klippel Lee, Little Falls MS 13365



VOLLEYBALL:              Judith Hartmann, Coordinator (August 2020)

No. Tonawanda 14120



  1. Vince Louther, Clarkstown South HS, West Nyack 10994
  2. TBA
  3. *Michael Lucia, Cicero-North Syracuse HS, Cicero 13039
  4. Sam Salamone, Little Falls HS 13365
  5. Crissie Russo, Horseheads HS 14845
  6. Kyle Salisbury, Midlakes HS 14432
  7. Walt Stefani, Orchard Park HS 14127
  8. No program
  9. Dave Zawatson, Great Neck HS 11020
  10. No Program
  11. No Program
  12. Kathy Masterson, Westhampton Beach HS 11978 Modified            Mira Martincich



WINTER TRACK       Oscar Jensen, Coordinator (August 2019) AND FIELD:                                    Baldwinsville 13027


Peter Szymanski, Assistant Coordinator (August 2019) JFK High School, Cheektowaga 14227


  1. Keith Smith, Yorktown HS 10598
  2. Douglas Hadley, Columbia HS, East Greenbush 12061
  3. Oscar Jensen, Baldwinsville 13027
  4. Robb Munro, Bainbridge-Guilford CS, Bainbridge 13733
  5. Dave Hennessey, Henrietta 14467
  6. Peter Szymanski, JFKHS, Cheektowaga 14227
  7. Jim Medieros, Saranac CS 12981
  8. Dennis Kornfield, Uniondale HS
  9. Michael White, Washingtonville HS 10992
  10. John Tebo, Ogdensburg Free Academy 13669
  11. Tony Toro, Miller Place 11764

Modified           Teresa Klippel Lee, Little Falls MS 13365



WRESTLING:               Marty Sherman, Coordinator (August 2018)

Queensbury 1284



  1. Eric Romanino, Beacon HS 12508
  2. George Chickanis, Hudson Falls HS 12839
  3. Brad Hamer, Jordan-Elbridge CS, Jordan 13080
  4. *Richard Armstrong, Walton CS 13856
  5. Rick Gumble, Chenango Forks HS, Binghamton 13901
  6. Chris Bourne, Brockport CSD 14420
  7. Mike DeBarbieri, Portville 14770
  8. Israel Martinez, Niagara Falls HS 14305
  9. Gary Edwards, Peru HS 12972
  10. Ed Ramirez, Baldwin HS 11510
  11. Jeff Cuilty, Newburgh 12550
  12. Randy Morrison, Gouverneur CS 13642
  13. Bob Panariello, Islip HS 11751

Modified           John Richard, Holland Patent CS 13354






(*Official Coordinator)



BASKETBALL:             Tim Lincoln (August 2021)

Waterloo CSD 13165



  1. Steve Young, Horace Greeley HS, Chappaqua 10514
  2. Dan Hytko, Cohoes 12047
  3. Larry Stockwell, Waterville CS 13480
  4. *Kurt Ehrensbeck, Harpursville HS 13787
  5. Andy Scott, Horseheads HS 14845
  6. Tim Lincoln, Waterloo CSD 13165
  7. Chris Durr, Williamsville East HS, E. Amherst 14051
  8. Greg Waters, Beekmantown CS, West Chazy 12992
  9. Stephanie Joannon, Port Washington HS 11050
  10. Steve Boucher, Rhinebeck 12572
  11. Amber Wilcox, Gouverneur CS 13642
  12. Kevin O’Reilly, Brentwood SD 11717

Modified           Jim Miller, Cato-Meridian HS, Cato 13033



BOWLING:                   Eileen Shultis, Coordinator(August 2018)

Freeport HS, Freeport, NY 11520


  1. Joseph Ardiri, Pomona 10970
  2. Hugo McGroty, Schenectady 12306
  3. Cindy Losurdo, Baldwinsville 13027
  4. Pam Beard, Lincoln Street Elementary, Waverly 14892
  5. TBA
  6. John Seeley, Cheektowaga 14225
  7. Charles Stone, Beekmantown CS, WestChazy 12992
  8. Eileen Shultis, Freeport HS 11520
  9. Theresa Eckert, Highland HS 12528
  10. Eileen Kilcullen, Franklin Academy, Malone 12953
  11. Larry Philips, Central Islip Schools, Central Islip 11722




COMPETITIVE                Michele Ziegler (Jan 2020) CHEERLEADING:                                    Lancaster HS, Lancaster 14086


  1. Alice Granger
  2. Patty Palmer
  3. Nina Baker
  4. Josh Gannon
  5. Joanne Small
  6. Michele Ziegler
  7. Vicki Nephew
  8. Jen Keane
  9. Cherie Ramsey
  10. TBD
  11. Amy Agnesini Modified:            TBD



CROSS                          Marbry Gansle, Coordinator(August 2020)

COUNTRY:                   Shaker HS, Latham 12110 518-785-5511


  1. Dan Doherty, Pearl River HS 10965
  2. Marbry Gansle, Shaker HS, Latham 12110
  3. *Dan Reid, Westhill CS, Syracuse 13204
  4. Michelle Franklin-Rauber, Tully CS13159
  5. Lee Schaeffer, Otego 13825
  6. Robert Goodell, Shortsville14548
  7. James Zubler, Frontier CS, Hamburg 14075
  8. *Kathy Champagne, Seton Catholic, Plattsburgh 12901
  9. Keith Bombard, Seton Catholic, Plattsburgh 12903
  10. Neal Levy, North Shore HS, Glen Head 11545
  11. Steve Loturco, Pine Bush HS 12566
  12. April Martin-Barnes, Potsdam HS 13676
  13. Tony Toro, Miller Place 11764

Modified           Patrick Patterson, Newark Valley CS, Newark 13811




FIELD HOCKEY:         Bev Hooper, Coordinator(August 2018)

Fairport 14450



  1. Sue Hughes, Peekskill 10566
  2. Mary Ann Bump, Warrensburg HS 12885
  3. Linda Harjung, Marcy 13403
  4. Nicole Huston, Port Crane 13833
  5. Kathy Hutt Zeman, Pittsford-Sutherland HS, Pittsford 14534
  6. Judy Otto, Barker HS 14012
  7. No Program
  8. Barbara Sellers, Huntington 11743
  9. Debra Beam, Red Hook 12571
  10. No Program
  11. Karen Kauer, East Patchogue11772

Modified           Barbara Felice, Holland Patent CS 13354



GOLF:                          Jamie Harter, Coordinator (August 2019) Franklin HS, Franklin 13775



  1. *Chris Logan, Congers 10920
  2. Maureen Kern, Ursuline School, New Rochelle 10801
  3. Eileen Troy, Granville 12832
  4. Barb Felice, Holland Patent HS 13354
  5. Jamie Harter, Corning Painted Post District 14830
  6. Julie Odenbach, Webster 14580
  7. Betsy Ulmer, Getzville 14068
  8. Donna Moody, Lake Placid HS 12946
  9. Denise Kiernan, Glen Cove HS 11542
  10. Bill Earl, Monroe Woodbury HS, Central Valley 10917
  11. Rose Bronchetti, St. Lawrence CS, Brasher Falls 13613
  12. Drew Walker, Hampton Bays HS 11946



GYMNASTICS:              Marbry Gansle, Coordinator(August 2020)

Shaker HS, Latham 12110 518-785-5511


  1. Vin Collins, Mahopac HS 10541
  2. Marbry Gansle, Shaker HS, Latham 12110
  3. Danielle McQueary, New Hartford HS 13413
  4. TBA
  5. Carol Nancari, Rochester 14623
  6. Donna Aquino, Lancaster CS 14086
  7. Janice Trudeau, Plattsburgh 12901
  8. Kim Rhatigan-Drexler, Laurel Hollow 11791
  9. Leanne Digsby, Wallkill MS 12589
  10. No Program
  11. Patrick Smith, Smithtown CSD 11787 Modified            TBA



LACROSSE:                     Liz Parry, Assistant Coordinator(August 2021) Emma Willard, Troy 12180



  1. Beth Staropoli, Fox Lane HS, Bedford 10506
  2. Liz Parry, Emma Willard Troy 12180
  3. Bridget Marquart, Skaneateles HS 13152
  4. Dave Williams, TBA
  5. Ron Whitcomb, Victor HS 14564
  6. Richard Schmitt, West Seneca East 14224
  7. No Program
  8. Dawn Cerrone, Garden City HS 11530
  9. Wendy Crandall, Pine Bush HS 12566
  10. Lauren Morley, Ogdensburg Free Academy, Ogdensburg 13669
  11. Jeremy Thode, Center Moriches HS 11934 Modified            Beth Staropoli, Fox Lane HS 10506



SKIING:                        Bob Underwood, Coordinator(August 2020) Queensbury HS, Queensbury12804



  1. Brian Bentley, Clarkstown South HS, West Nyack 10994
  2. Steve Jackson, Queensbury HS 12804
  3. Julie Hinsdell, Town of Webb HS, Old Forge 13420
  4. Jo Hinkley, Roxbury CS 12474
  5. Bernie Gardner, Honeoye Halls-Lima HS, Honeoye Falls 14472
  6. No Program
  7. Christian Wissler, Lake Placid CS 12946
  8. No Program
  9. Nordic: Nick Mancuso, Wallkill HS
  10. Alpine: Janet Carey, Neversink 12765
  11. No Program
  12. No Program



SOCCER:                      Joe Vasile-Cozzo, Coordinator(August 2018)

East Hampton 11937



  1. Frank Mazzuca, Nanuet HS 10954
  2. Tom Husser, Hoosick Falls HS 12909
  3. Peter Lautensack, Oswego 13126
  4. Bill Stepanovsky, Union Endicott HS, Endicott 13760
  5. Victor Van Vliet, Geneseo 14454
  6. Chris Durr, Williamsville East HS, East Amherst 14051
  7. Tim Mulligan, Plattsburgh HS 12901
  8. Denise Kiernan, Glen Cove HS, Glen Cove 11542
  9. Diane Wanser, Otisville 10963
  10. Rose Broncetti, St. Lawrence CS, Brasher Falls 13613
  11. Joe Vasile-Cozzo, East Hampton HS 11937

Modified             Matt Wood, Vestal MS 13850





SOFTBALL:                       Cathy Allen, Coordinator (August 2021)

Altamont 12009



  1. Susan Dullea, Croton-Harmon HS, Croton 10520
  2. Cathy Allen, Altamont 12009
  3. Kerry Bennett, Cicero 13039
  4. *Terry Palmer, Moravia 13118 (C,D)
  5. Jim Testa, Union-Endicott CS, Endicott 13760 (AA, A, B)
  6. Robert Huber, Aquinas Institute, Rochester 14617
  7. *Mark B. Kruzynski, Medina HS 14103
  8. Dan Brooks, Olean HS 14760
  9. Ralph Cross, Saranac CS 12981
  10. Chris Ceruti, Carle Place HS 11514
  11. Tom Cassata (Red Hook)/Steve Boucher (Rhinebeck)
  12. Al Minkler, Heuvelton CS 13654
  13. Jim Wright, Walt Whitman HS, Huntington Station 11746 Modified            Micki Bedlington, Yonkers 10701



SWIMMING:                     Diane Hicks-Hughes, Coordinator (August 2019) Lansing HS 14882


Patrick Ryan, Assistant Coordinator (August 2019) Washingtonville HS 10992


  1. Meg Kaplan, South Salem 10590
  2. Matthew Turner, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake HS, Burnt Hills 12027
  3. Tom Wells, New Hartford 13413
  4. Diane Hickes-Hughes, Lansing HS 14882
  5. Norm Schueckler, Honeoye Falls-Lima CSD 14472
  6. Bruce Johnson, Frewsburg CS, Clintonville, 12924
  7. Jay Ruff, Ausable Valley CS, Clintonville 12924
  8. George Amitrano, Valley Stream 11581
  9. Pat Ryan, Washingtonville, CS 10992
  10. Katy Brown, Brasher Falls CSD 13613
  11. Edward DeYoung, Sayville 11782 Modified            Tom DeYoung, Newark 14513




TENNIS:                       Chris Horgan, Coordinator (August 2017) Medina MS, Medina 14103



  1. Cal Kramer, Bedford 10506
  2. Stanley France, Schoharie HS 12157
  3. John Wojcik, Liverpool HS 13090
  4. Dan Palmer, Horseheads CS 14845
  5. Todd Bialecki, Alfred Almond HS, Almond 14804
  6. Mike Venditti, Dodge Elementary School, Williamsville 14051
  7. George Bailey, Lake Placid CS 12946
  8. Shai Fisher, Syosset HS 11791
  9. Selina DeCicco, Ellenville HS 12428
  10. No Program

11. Pete Cesare, Copiague HS 11726 Modified Tom Fitzpatrick, Wheatley, 11568



TRACK AND               Dan Doherty, Coordinator (August 2021)

FIELD:                                 Pearl River HS 10965 845-620-3817


  1. Walter Hall, Mt Vernon 10550
  2. Mark Therrien, Fonda-Fultonville HS, Fonda 12068
  3. John Bun, Frankford HS
  4. Rob Munro, Bainbridge-Guilford CS, Bainbridge 13733
  5. Lance Bush, Brockport 14420
  6. Walt McLaughlin, East Aurora HS 14052
  7. Melanie Lopez, Moravia
  8. Mike Frazier, Valley Stream North, Franklin Square 11010
  9. Eric McLaud, Wallkill HS 12589
  10. Larry Lamere, Madrid-Waddington HS, Madrid 13660
  11. Tony Toro, Miller Place 11764

Modified           Teresa Klippel Lee, Little Falls MS 13365





VOLLEYBALL:               Patti Perone, Coordinator(August 2020)

Horseheads MS 14845


Peggy Seese, Assistant Coordinator(August 2020) Argyle HS 12809



  1. Diane Swertfager, Blue Mountain MS, Cortland Manor 10567
  2. Peggy Seese, Argyle HS 12809
  3. Mary Jo Cerqua, Baldwinsville HS 13027 (fall)
  4. Denise Abbot, Tully HS 13159 (winter)
  5. Patti Perone, Horseheads MS 14845 (fall)
  6. Martha Martin, York CS, Retsof 14539
  7. Sue Pernick, Lancaster Intermediate, Lancaster 14086
  8. *Deb Schruefer, Frontier MS, Hamburg 14075
  9. Vicki McMillian, Plattsburg HS 12901
  10. Cheryl Scalice, South Side HS, Rockville Centre 11570
  11. Antonia Woody, New Paltz HS 12561
  12. Susan McLean, Ogdensburg Free Academy 13669
  13. Lou Tuorto, John Glenn HS, Greenlawn 11740 Modified            Mira Martincich



WINTER TRACK           David Hennessey, Coordinator(August 2018) AND FIELD:                                    Victor CS 14564


  1. Rosalind Gallino, Somers HS, Lincolndale 10540
  2. Robert Wallen, Troy HS 12180
  3. Robert Tuttle, Skaneateles CS 13152
  4. Ben Cardamone, Elmira Southside, Elmira 14905
  5. David Hennessey, Henrietta 14467
  6. TBA
  7. Peter Frenette, Saranac Lake CS 12983
  8. Kristin Frazer, Mineola HS 11040
  9. David Feur, Corneall HS 12518
  10. Amy Farrell, Tupper Lake CSD 12986
  11. Tony Toro, Miller Place 11764

Modified           Teresa Klippel Lee, Little Falls MS 13365










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Athletics were always a natural part of the high school program. As the academies and the early high schools were established in New York State, participation grew gradually. Originally, interscholastic sports were operated by outsiders, but problems developed. Local community pride engendered excesses, colleges and commercial agencies became involved, and practices inconsistent with the objectives of education were common. School authorities at first opposed, then tolerated, and finally  assumed  full control of the interschool competition to correct injustices, inequities and abuses. As someone has said, "We have come a long way."


In 1921, Frank R. Wassung, Superintendent of Schools, Norwich, met with Daniel Chase, Supervisor of Physical Education in the State Education Department, to plan for a statewide organization. Schoolmen agreed to form the New York State Public High School Association of Basketball Leagues to bring consistency to eligibility rules and to conduct state tournaments. Mr. Chase, who became the first president, had the encouragement of Dr. Frank P. Graves, Commissioner of Education.


To provide for additional sports, the New York State Public High School Athletic Association was established in 1923. The NYSPHSAA became a member of the National Federation of State High School Associations in 1926. After a constitution was adopted, President Chase appointed a Central Committee of 14 members, one from each section, which elected John F. Hummer, Principal, Binghamton, as chairman. The provision that each section elect a superintendent, a principal and an athletic director as representatives on the Central Committee was adopted in 1928. The Central Committee was expanded in 1975 to include a representative of girls' athletics from each section. With the addition of these representatives of girls' programs to the Executive Committee in 1976, the NYSPHSAA leads the nation with its decision-making bodies structured for equitable input.




In 1937, at the request of this association and the Associated Academic Principals, nearly all of the NYSPHSAA Eligibility Rules were adopted by the board of Regents and became a part of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. The NYSPHSAA became incorporated in 1975. In 1978 each of the 11 sections were incorporated.


The Central Committee approved the establishment of the Athletic Protection Plan in 1932 as a service of the NYSPHSAA. Athletic Protection Plan gains recognition and was incorporated (1941) under State insurance Law. Lawrence Grimes served as Director for 29 years (1949-78). In 1975 the corporate title was changed to Pupil Benefits Plan, Inc.












Through the years the presidents of the NYSPHSAA (p. 26) have shown effective leadership. The NYSPHSAA was strengthened under the guidance of honorary presidents Dr. Frederick Rand Rogers, Dr. Hiram A. Jones, Dr. Ellis Champlin and Dr. George H. Grover, all of the NYS Education Depart.


The NYSPHSAA grew under the administration of many capable and dedicated people. Elmer K. Smith, Rochester (1923-25) and Everett T. Grout, Schenectady (1925-29) served as Secretary and Emory A. Bauer was Treasurer (1923-29). In addition to being Secretary/Treasurer (1920-1942) Frederick R. Wegner initiated and conducted the early operation of the Athletic Protection Plan. John K. Archer served as Secretary/Treasurer from 1942-75. An office was established in Albany in 1962, with J. Kenneth Hafner serving as Field Representative and becoming Director of Field Services in 1970. Alton B. Doyle was appointed the first full time Executive Secretary in 1975, serving until 1990. Administrative staff have included, William Vesp (1977-80), Floyd Jones (1981-97), Walter Eaton (1990- 2008), and Lloyd Mott (1997-2008) as Assistant Directors, and Marcus Martone (1975-92), Gordon Durnford (1992-96) and Kathy Higle (1996-2012) as Treasurers. Dr. Sandra Scott (9175-2000) was elected Executive Director in 1990 and became the first women executive director of a state high school athletic association in the nation. In 2000, Nina Van Erk was appointed as the Executive Director and served in that capacity for 12 years, until 2012. Robert Zayas began his tenure as Executive Director in the fall of 2012, after spending 10 years at the New Mexico Activities Association. The NYSPHSAA Legal Counsel have consisted of Ron Shaw (1972-2005), and Kevin Seaman during 2005. Today the administration staff consists of Assistant Directors’ Robert Stulmaker (2007) and Todd Nelson (2008), Director of Media, Marketing & Public Relations Joseph Altieri 2001), Treasurer Lisa Arnold (2013), Media Content Coordinator Joe Agostinelli (2013) and Counsel Renee James (2006). In February 2006, the NYSPHSAA moved its headquarters to 8 Airport Park Blvd., Latham, NY.


Hundreds of school representatives have contributed to the progress of our Association through their interest, service and leadership.
































  • Consisted   of  eight  sections,  each  represented  by  a  superintendent,  principal  and director of physical education.
  • Seven  eligibility  rules  (bona  fide  student,  age,  duration  of  competition,  amateur, transfer, outside competition, and required academics).
  • Adopted "player control" rule which had captains directing game, coach in the stands.
  • State  Championships  for  boys  in  baseball,  cross-country,  ice  hockey,  ice  skating, swimming,  tennis and track. Girls participated only in varsity basketball.


  • State  championship  tournaments  abolished   due  to  charges  of  overemphasis  and overspecialization. (1932)
  • The Association functions to develop  unified standard for all sections to follow, giving sections authorityto conduct their own championshipsfor boys.
  • Recommended no  interscholastic  competition be  permitted  for  girls  in  New  York, substituting play days/sport days. (1934)


  • Membership was extended to junior high schools.
  • Postgraduate problems solved by adopting eight consecutive semester rule.
  • Section Athletic Councils recognized in Constitution.
  • State Sports Committees established.


  • Friends and Neighbors Program initiated to permit  nonmember school competition with memberschools.
  • Reemergence of intersectional for individual sports beginning with cross-country and track.
  • Developed and initiated Modified Program for boysunder leadership of Kurt Beyer.
  • AWPENYS (Association  of Women  in Physical Education  in NYS) began  to  sponsor coaching clinics and toencourage competition for girls.


  • Winfred S. Thomason (Garden City) hired as first counsel.
  • Under the  leadership  of  Mr. Hafner and Safety Chair Louis  Obourn, experimental projects for safety participation began.
  • Membership in NYS Federation of Secondary School Athletic Associations. (1964)
  • State  Committee  for  Girls  Athletic  Activities  established,  initiated  by  Raymond Benjamin.  (1966)
  • New York State High School Officials Coordinating Federation initiated with William B, Gilbert as first Chairman. (1967)



  • The Association was incorporated. (1974)
  • Expanded Central Committee to include female representatives of athletics. (1974)
  • Central office established with full time Executive Director and a support staff.
  • 1976-78 Handbook published first joint set of Eligibility Standards for boys and girls.
  • Friend and Neighbor schools membership eligibility as approved .


  • Growth of team sport state championships following reinstatement of boys’ basketball in 1978. Approved baseball, girls’ basketball, field hockey, boys’ and girls’ soccer, ice hockey and softball.
  • First female president for NYSPHSAA office (1986) at 88 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, NY.
  • Adopted policy for other state athletic associations to enter NYSPHSAA championships. (1984)
  • Eliminated the Outside Competition Standard.


  • Insurance group  formed for NYSPHSAA  and the sections to secure property  and liability coverage.
  • Initiated corporate  sponsorship by event, which includes championships and  special programs.
  • Development and initiation  of Scholar/Athlete Team Award Program and New York Good Sports Program.
  • Sponsored 29 championships and three intersectionals.


  • Established two new standing Committees: Student Advisory Council and Budget and Finance.
  • Purchased a larger building for the NYSPHSAA office at 8 Airport Park Blvd., Latham, NY.
  • First Girls Golf Championship. (2006)
  • First Boys Volleyball Championship. (2010)
  • First Regional CheerleadingInvitational.(2013)












Daniel Chase . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


*Raymond Benjamin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



John F. Hummer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Lewis C. Obourn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Seward S. Travis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


John W. Kickham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Carl H. Burkhardt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Marcus J. Martone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Heth G. Coons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Richard P. McLean . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



HerbertL. Sackett . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Peter N. Betrus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Frank R. Wassung . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Bernard LaMay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Elmer K Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Anthony C. Sabella . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Charles E. Riley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


John D. O'Donnell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Frank C. Densberger . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Michaela Kasner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Foster S. Brown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Robert W. Zegler. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



W. Howard Vanderhoef. . . . . . . . . . .


Richard J. McGuire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Kurt Beyer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Thad J. Mularz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Robert C. McDonald . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Karen P. Lopez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Carl A. Hansen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


James J. Tolle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



David E. Panebaker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


*  Robert Munn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Ray Townsend . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Dean Veenhoff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Philip J. Hammes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Patrick J. Calnon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



KennethE. Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Kathryn Faber . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Andrew J. Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


*Dr. Ronald Black . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



J. Kenneth Hafner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Patrick Pizzarelli . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



W. Kenneth Doyle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Mark Ward . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Glenn E. Manning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Eileen Troy............................................... 2012-14

Steve Broadwell..................................... 2014-16

James Osborne . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2016-Present






*Larry Grimes         *Alton Doyle         *Floyd Jones         Sandra Scott         Nina Van Erk













The Association serves as a central organization through Which member schools in the state may cooperate to:


Encourage as many pupils as possible to participate in athletic games.

Promote sportsmanship like conduct in all athletic contests.

Maintain essential minimum standards of eligibility.

Provide means to settle disputed athletic contests amicably and authoritatively.

Conduct appropriate athletic meets and tournaments.

Cooperate with the State Education Department in fostering educationally sound athletics programs.

Adapt rules governing sports contests to the particular conditions for school competition.

Continually seek data to support rules changes leading



1.      Because the highest standards of good sportsmanship are in opposition to the policy of giving materially valuable awards to high school athletic teams;

Because such awards create a false sense of the value of school loyalty and service;


The NYSPHSAA, INC. recommends that school authorities give only awards of limited monetary value appropriate to high  school  level  competition,  furthermore, that the school administration be responsible for accepting, selecting and controlling awards that are offered by individuals or organizations or outside agencies such as P.T.A., service clubs, booster clubs, etc.


2.      Because   experience   has   shown   that  the   most   successful   form   of   school  athletic organization and control is in the league;

Because the league offers opportunity for friendly and sportsmanlike relationships:


The NYSPHSAA, INC. recommends that schools of similar size, similar interest and within reasonable distance of each other form leagues for all sports wherein they have interschool contests; that the appeal procedure specified in the Eligibility Standards be instituted only after an earnest attempt at settlementwithinthe league.


3.      Because  athletics  are    vital   factor  in   the   development  of   character,   personality, physical  fitness and leadership;

Because athletics can only attain their rightful position as a school activity when it is recognized that a healthy bodyis as necessary as a sound mind;


The NYSPHSAA, INC. recommends that a student not be barred from an athletic squad for any reason that would not bar one from an academic class or other school activity, except recognized eligibility rules.


4.      Because there is an obligation to practice the principles of safety in athletics and to take all necessary precautions to prevent injuries;



The NYSPHSAA, INC. recommends that all participants in interscholastic sports be covered by  appropriate insurance.



5.      Because school authorities have a responsibility for preventing the exploitation of high school students who have qualifiedfor a letterin schoolsports;


The NYSPHSAA, INC. recommends that school authorities  discharge  this responsibility by protecting students from being exploited by individuals or groups interested in promoting, for any purpose spectator or revenue producing contests such as all-star, charity and similar exhibition games. Senior All-Star contests as stipulated in the  Eligibility Standards  are  permitted.  Furthermore,  it  shall  be  the  responsibility  of


school authorities to inform their  teaching personnel to do nothing which shall impair this responsibility of boards of education to protectathletes against such exploitation.


6.      Because our Regulations stipulate  that  all  organized  practice  and  games  be conducted in the appropriate season (See Sports Standards), a school district planning or administering out-of-season recreations programs should avoid any implication of out-of-season practice and play. School sponsored activities conducted out of the sport season such as general conditioning, weight training, weight lifting, intramurals, recreation, open gyms, club activities and camps are permitted: 1) if such programs are not mandated by coaches or school personnel; 2) if such programs are available to all students.









To provide a central association through which public secondary schools of the State may cooperate for the following ends. This  association shall be the organization responsible for governing interscholastic athletic activities for boys and girls in grades 7-12 in its member schools. Nonpublic schools may petition and be accepted for full membership.


1.       To establish  necessary principles and procedures for the conduct of interscholastic athletics.

2.       To strengthen the work of the  local  schools  in  developing   good   sportsmanship and high ideals amongcontestants and teams.

3.       To encourage all forms of interschool athletic activities for all boys and girls in grades 7-12 as an integralpart of the educational program.

4.       To adopt, strengthen, interpret, and enforce uniform eligibility rules and sports standards governing participation in interschool athletics at all levels as established in the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education governing athletics.

5.       To conduct regional and state championship tournaments.

6.       To enforce the constitution, bylaws, rules, regulations, and sports standards adopted by this association, its sections, and leagues.

7.       To strive continually to strengthen programs and minimize risk  in  sports  through study, research and experimentation.

8.       To meet with and assist sports officials at the state and sectional levels to identify and solve existingproblems.

9.       To cooperate with non-school groups engaged in sports  activities  to  establish guidelines for  outside competition.

10.   To comply with the provisions of the New York State Not-For-Profit Corporation Law.





1.       Each eligible school may become a member of this corporation by submitting a request for membership in the association and representation in the section athletic program signed by the chief school officer of the petitioning school district and sent with the enrollment fee to the treasurerof the association.

a.       The annual membership fee shall be based on the total school district enrollment of boys and girls listed on all attendance registers for Grades 7-12 inclusive from the latest enrollment data provided by NYSED. Annual membership fees shall be set by the Executive Committee. An alternative method for the calculation of member dues assessment may be adopted by the NYSPHSAA Executive Committee.




b.       Membership fees are due September 1. Schools not paying the annual fee before October 15 of any school year shall be considered as resigning from membership in the association. Schools are readmitted as soon as  payment of  fees is  made. Fees  paymentis required of schools on austerity if they participate.

c.        One fee entitles a school to participate in any form of athletics of the association, to participate in the benefits of the Pupil Benefits Plan, Inc., to receive all bulletins and publications of the association and must be paid before the school may participate in any sectional games under the supervision of the association.

d.       The membership year shall be considered from September 1 to August 31 of the following year.

e.       Austerity - No committee member or officer of this association shall  lose membership because of his/her school's austerity,  and resultant nonpayment of dues.

f.         Nonpublic schools which are registered with the State Education Department may become members of the NYSPHSAA by payment of the annual fee provided to member schools making application. Section athletic councils may determine the appropriate classification for their nonpublic school and charter school members. See Member and Classification Section of the handbook. The NYSPHSAA membership fee shall be assessed on a pro-rata basis if only grades 9-12 inclusive are enrolled.

2.       All member schools of this corporation agree to abide by this Constitution and the Eligibility Standards,  Sports  Standards,  Modified Program Rules, Officiating Standards, in all interschool competition as adopted by the Executive or Central Committees or approved by referendum of memberschools.

3.       Any school violating the constitution, amendments, bylaws, rules, regulations, or sports standards of the association and its sections may be suspended from the association or from the section, or both, by the Central Committee, or by the Executive Committee when the Central Committee is not in session, and barred  from participation in any of the interschool athletic activities for a period up to one year. It is provided, however, that a section athletic council may impose penalties and sanctions as the rules and regulations of the association may provide.

4.       All superintendents, principals, athletic  directors,  and  coaches  of  member  high schools are advisors of the association. They are eligible to serve on committees and are entitled to make recommendations to the NYSPHSAA staff  and  Executive Committee on all matters  pertainingto the conduct of interscholastic athletics.

5.       No part of  the net earnings of the association shall inure to the  benefit of any member, trustee, officer, or director of the association or any private individual (except that reasonable compensation for services rendered to or for  the association affecting one or more of its purposes) and no member (other than a public high school), trustee, officer, or director of the association or any private individual shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any of the association's assets on dissolution of the association.

Upon the dissolution of the association or the winding up of its affairs, the assets of  the  association  shall  be  distributed  exclusively  for  educational  purposes  in




accordance with the provisions  of  Not-for-Profit   Section  501  (2)  3  of  the Internal Revenue Code and its regulations as they now exist or as they may hereafterbe amended.

As a means of accomplishing  its  purposes,  the  association  is  authorized  to receive and maintain funds of real or  personal property, or both, to have, hold, manage, encumber,  and sell the same, to change the investments thereof, to invest and reinvest the proceeds thereof, and in general and subject to such limitations and conditions as are or may be prescribed by law, it exercise  such  other powers which are or hereafter may be conferred by law upon the association organized for the purposes hereinabove set forth, or necessary or incidental to the powers so conferred, or conducive to the attainment of the purposes of the association.



Central Committee


1.       The corporation shall be administered by a board of directors, known as the Central Committee, consisting of representatives from each of the sections, elected from the memberschools in accordance with the followingplan:


a.       The state shall be divided into geographic areas called sections, each of  which shall elect four representatives to the Central Committee: viz, one chief school officer, one principal, one male representative of athletics and one female representative of athletics from the member school of the section.

b.       On or before December 15th of each  year,  each  section  secretary  shall  inform the section athletic council as to the branch of service in which a vacancy by expiration of term shall occur, and each section shall elect a replacement  by a method of their choice.

c.        In the event of the positive unwillingness to serve on the part of any duly elected person, election shall go to the nominee having the second highest  number  of votes.

d.       Newly elected Central Committee representatives will assume their positions September 1.

e.       In case of a vacancy in the membership on the Central Committee arising in any section, it shall be the duty of the three remaining members in such section to choose, with the advice and consent of the section athletic council, the fourth representative from a member school in the section and from that position  of service in which the vacancy has occurred. Appointments shall be made for the full period of the unexpired term.

f.         Persons retiring from active  public  education  employment,  currently  serving  on the NYSPHSAA Central Committee, shall be permitted to continue for the duration of their tenure and also be permitted to serve in that capacity if so elected by the section.




g.       Should any member of the Central Committee be unable to attend a meeting of the Central Committee, then a section athletic council officer shall be designated to represent that section.


2.       The Central Committee may from time-to-time adopt rules and regulations for conducting the affairs of the association and shall draw up rules stipulating requirements or admission to membership in the association and shall adopt uniform eligibility rules and sports  standards  to  conform  to  the  minimum  regulations adopted by the State Education Department.

3.       A majority  of members of the Central Committee eligible to vote shall constitute a quorum, provided due notice has been  given  all to  members  of  the  committee  on the date,  time, and place of the meeting.

a.       The NYSPHSAA President, Vice Presidents and immediate Past President shall not represent their respective sections. Sectional representatives constitute the voting body of the committee and the first vice president, second vice president and immediate past president shall have the right to vote when the Central Committee is in session. The president shall not be entitled to vote, except in the case of a tie.

4.       An annual meeting shall be held each year; other necessary meetings may be called by the president.



Officers and Duties


1.       The Central Committee  shall elect a president, first vice president, and second vice president from among its own members and persons serving as an officer  of  a section athletic council to serve two-year terms. It shall also approve the appointment of the members of the professionalstaff.

a.       The president of the association shall preside at  all meetings of  the  association, the Central Committee, and the Executive Committee, and shall  perform  such other duties as the Central Committee may designate, the constitution or bylaws authorize or require, and in general shall perform the duties that usually come under the office  of the president.

b.       The first vice  president shall assume the duties of  the president during absence or inability to act and shall have the following duties in addition to those designated by  the president:

i.      Chairman of the Budget and Audit Committee,

ii.       Attend Section Athletic Council meetings (other than in his/her section),

iii.       Attend sport committee meetings,

iv.      Attend meetingsof the Handbook, Safety, and Championship Advisory Committees,

v.      Attend NYS Federation meeting.




c.        The second vice president shall assume the duties of the first  vice  president during absence or inability to act and shall have the following duties in addition to those designated by the president:

i.      Attend all Budget and Audit Committee meetings,

ii.      Attend Section Athletic Council meetings (other thanin his/her section),

iii.      Attend Sport Committee meetings,

iv.      Attend meetings of the Officials Coordinating Federation, Modified Athletics  and Chemical Health Committees,

v.      Attend meetings of ad hoccommittees,

vi.      Chair the LongRange PlanningCommittee.

d.       Immediate Past President:

i.       Chair the Past Presidents Committee

ii.       Chair the NominatingCommittee

iii.       Memberof the Budget and Audit Committee

e.       The Executive Director shall be the official interpreter of the policies  and regulations of the Association, shall be responsible for conducting the business of the Association, shall keep the minutes and records of  the  Association,  the Central Committee and the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall have custody of the funds of the association, receiving all fees and other  income,  keeping  a careful account of the same,  and  submitting  a  report  at  the  annual  meeting  of the Central Committee. Money shall be disbursed only on vouchers, properly receipted, which shall be audited by a certified public accountant previous to the annual report.

2.       A committee of officers in consultation with the staff shall have the authority to act on all matters not provided for in this constitution and bylaws, and on such emergency business as may arise between regular meetings of the Executive Committee.

3.       Vacancies in any office shall be filled by a vote of the members of the Central Committee for the unexpired term of such office. When the Central Committee is not in session the Executive Committee shall fill any vacancy.

4.       Officers shall be elected at the annual meeting. NOTE: The nominating committee shall select candidates for office in the following rotation: chief school officer, female representative of athletics, principal, male representative of Athletics. This rotation would provide broad representation from the Central Committee as-well-as administration experience.

5.       The president shall appoint the members of the nominating committee.

6.       The Honorary Past Presidents, Past Presidents, Executive  Director,  other  Executive staff, Executive Director of the Pupil Benefits Plan, Inc., State Education Department Liaison, affiliate association  representatives,  and  a  representative  of  NYS  School Board Association as ex-officio members may participate in the meetings of the association, the Central Committee, the Executive Committee, withoutthe right to vote.







1.       The Executive Committee shall consist of twenty-two members, each of  eleven sections being represented by one member of the Central Committee who shall receive the position in any manner the section shall determine, and by the female representative of athletics on the Central Committee. This  selection  shall  be  made prior to the annual meeting of the Central Committee. The NYSPHSAA President and Vice Presidents shall not represent their respective sections. Sectional representatives constitute the voting body of the committee  and the  president,  first  vice  president, and second vice president shall not be entitled to vote except in the case of a tie with only one of said officers being entitled to vote in the order indicated. Should any member of the Executive Committee be unable to attend a meeting of the Executive Committee, than another member of the Central Committee from the section not so represented, or a section athletic council officer shall be designated to represent that section.

2.       The Executive Committee shall have general management of the affairs of the association in the interval between meetings of the  Central  Committee  and  shall have the power to act in all matters not covered by this constitution and bylaws. It shall have jurisdiction in all appeals, protests, and questions of eligibility when the Central Committeeis not in session.

3.       The Executive Committee shall meet at least three times each year. A majority of the members of the Executive Committee eligible to vote shall constitute a quorum. Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the president or at the request of  a majority of the members.

4.       Any action which needs the approval of the Executive Committee may be taken without a meeting, if authorized by the president, by conducting mail or electronic vote.

5.       The Executive Committee shall be responsible for properly administering meets, tournaments, or games in which individuals or teams, determined as winners of sectional contests from two or more sections, participate. The secretaries of the sections to be represented in regional, intersectional, and state contests shall provide a complete list of sports in which that section intends to compete in the ensuing year to the NYSPHSAA, Inc. Executive Director for the approval of the Executive Committee at its spring meeting.  Notice of withdrawal from a regional intersectional and state contest must be received at least sixty days prior to the date of the contest. Otherwise the section will be required to pay the proportionate share of the administration and insurance charges involved in the program.



League and SectionOrganization


1.       A school may join with other schools to form a league for the  purpose of providing interschool athletic competition among schools of comparable size, similar interests, and within reasonable distance of each other. Leagues so formed shall be organized and affairs conducted in accordance with the rules of the section and of the association.  If  the  section  athletic council is  unable to  provide for  league  affiliation,




they shall refer the problem to the NYSHSAA, Inc. Executive Committee within 30 days for action.

2.       The member schools in each section shall establish an athletic council, consisting of the four members of the Central Committee representing the section and one or more representative of each league in the section elected by the league or its  member schools. The section may provide for additional members of the athletic council.

3.       The athletic council shall elect a president, one or more vice presidents, a secretary, and a treasurer. Each Central Committee member shall serve as an officer or as an ex-officio member of the athletic council. The athletic  council  shall  meet  at  least three times each year.

4.       The athletic council shall:

a.       Adopt a constitution and bylaws for governing the section and shall file a copy and any amendments with the executive director of the association.

b.       Manage the affairs of the section and adopt rules and regulations  from time-to- time for governing the section with rules  and  regulations  which  must  be consistent with  those of the association and the State Education Department.

c.        Impose and enforce a suitable penalty upon  any  member school  which violates the constitution, bylaws, rules, regulations, sports standards, or code of ethics of the association or section. A member school found guilty of such violation by  the Section Athletic Council may be barred from participation in  any  or  all interschool athletic activities for a period up to one year.

5.       The president of the athletic council may call special meetings in the section for the purpose of explaining and discussing all amendments submitted to the member schools or for the purpose of considering the policies and procedures of the leagues, the section, or the association. The president is the representative of all of the member schools in the section and shall at all times exercise the function of democratic leadership.



State SportCommittees


1.       a. Each section may elect or appoint one representative to each state sports committee. Necessary expenses for each delegate to attend sports committee meetings shall be paid by the section.

b.       Each state sports committee shall hold an annual meeting and shall elect a vice chairman, and a secretary, who will be representatives on that state’s sports committee, and who will hold office for the ensuing year. State sports committee meetings must have the approval of Association staff. Notice  of  the  time  and place of state committee meetings shall be given to members at least two months prior to the meeting.

c.        Minutes of all meetings shall be provided to committee members,  association officers and staff, section presidents and section executive directors/secretaries.

d.       The coordinator of the state sports committee shall submit an annual  written report to the Central  Committee.  If  requested  to  attend,  the necessary  expenses to attend the Central Committee meeting will be paid by the association.




e.       There shall be a biennial meeting of all state sports coordinators.

2.       Each state sports committee shall encourage participation in that sport, require observation of the rules, regulations, and sports standards, provide measures of safety, answer questionsand receive suggestions pertainingto that sport.

a.       Each section sports committee representative shall conduct studies when needed, review games rules, conduct interpretation meetings, present demonstrations, secure the cooperation of officials, improve game administration in the section, and act as the liaison between the section and the state sports committee coordinator.

b.       Each state sports committee may make investigations and surveys, and conduct other research to insure that playing rules are adapted to the needs and abilities of the high school studentand submit recommendations to the Executive Committee.

c.       Each state sports committee shall be responsible for informing the sections of the correct procedure to be followed in  making changes  in  policy,  regulations, rules or  sportsstandards in that sport.



Constitutional Amendments

1.       A majority vote of the Central Committee or Executive Committee at any duly authorized meeting is required to propose an amendment to the Constitution. Amendments may be initiated by the Central Committee, Executive Committee, a section athletic council, or the officers of the NYSPHSAA, Inc. Proposals shall be submitted to the executive director by January 15 to allow sectional athletic councils adequate time for their consideration.

2.       A referendum is required to approve amendments. During a referendum, each school shall have one vote on a signed ballot. To be valid, this vote shall represent the collective judgment of and include the signatures of the chief school officer, principal, and the director of athletics. An Executive Committee member representing the section shall serve as teller to canvass all ballots to amend  the  Constitution  or amend any other rule or regulation, which was put forth for the referendum.

3.       During the referendum, a majority vote of the member schools voting in  each section shall be required for the adoption of the amendment in the section. Approval of at least seven sections and approval of two-thirds of the member schools casting valid ballots shall be required for the final adoption of the amendment  as  a statewide rule or policy or as an amendment to the Constitution, as the case may be.

4.       All amendments to this Constitution, which are approved by a referendum vote, shall not become effective until August 1 of the next school year.



Changes inEligibility Standards

1.       Changes in Eligibility Standards, Sports Standards, Modified Program Rules Operating Code, Officiating Standards, and any other rules and regulations not part of t h e Constitution  may   become   effective   immediately   or   approved   for   referendum   of member  schools at the discretion of the Executive Committee or Central Committee, as the case may be.

2.       When a referendum vote is authorized, the procedures stipulated in Article VIII, Item 2,  shall be followed.

3.       Adoption of a statewide standard, rule, or policy by referendum vote shall require a majority vote of member schools casting valid ballots and approval in a majority of the sections.

4.       All changes in the rules and regulations approved by a referendum vote shall not become effective until August 1 of the next school year.


Commissioner's Regulations


§135.1 Definitions.


Definitions as used in this Part:

  1. Commissioner means the Commissioner of Education
  2. Department means the Education Department of the State of New York
  3. Satisfactory, appropriate, approved, acceptable, adequate, equivalent, essential, sufficient, suitable, respectively, in the judgment of the commissioner.
  1. School personnel means person employed by school authorities in conducting the schools.
  2. Adaptive physical education means a specially designed program of developmental activities, games sports and rhythms suited to the interests, capacities and limitations of pupils with handicapping conditions who may not safely or successfully engage in unrestricted participation in the activities of the regular physical education program.
  3. Athletic association means an approved central organization of schools joined together on a large geographic area or statewide basis for the purpose of governing athletic programs for all  its member schools.
  4. Bona fide student means a regularly enrolled student who is taking sufficient subjects to make an aggregate amount of three courses  and who satisfies the physical education requirement.
  5. Extraclass periods in physical education mean those sessions organized for instruction and practice in skills,  attitudes and knowledge through participation in individual, group and  team  activities organized on an intramural, extramural or interschool athletic basis to supplement regular physical education class instruction.
  6. Extramural activities means those games or other events which involve the participation of pupils from two or more school districts and which are conducted as play-days or sports days at the end of the intramural season.
  7. Health education means  instruction  in  understandings,  attitudes  and  behavior in regard to the several dimensions of health. This instruction relates to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, safety, mental health, nutrition, dental health, sensory perception, disease prevention and control, environmental and public health, consumer health, first aid, and other health-related areas.
  8. Instructional physical education means the required physical education program, which has as its foundation, planned sequential learning experiences for all students.
  9. Interschool activities mean those which provide competition between representatives of two or more schools and which offer enriched opportunities for the selected and more highly skilled individuals.
  10. Intramural activities mean those activities conducted within one school district involving only those pupils enrolled in such school district and which are organized to serve the entire enrollment.
  11. Invitation activities mean those games or other events dealing with one sport, arranged by invitation of one school to one or more other schools  without leading to any formal schedule  and championship.



Questions contact: Darryl Daily, NYSED at ddaily@mail.nysed.gov



  • League means an organization of schools joined for the purpose of providing athletic competition among schools of comparable size, interests, and within reasonable distance of  each other.
  • Mixed competition means the combination of male and female pupils participating on the same  interschoolathletic teams.
  • Organized practice means a session of an athletic squad or group organized for interschool athletics for the purpose of providing  instruction and practice in physical conditioning activities, skills, team play and game strategy, under the supervision of a qualified school official.
  • Physical fitness activities mean those physical activities which are designed to develop endurance, strength and agility and to fit the individual so that he can perform the task repeatedly without undue fatigue and with a reserve capacity to meet unexpected stresses and hazards.
  1. Physiological maturity means a stage of maturation identified by the school physician in determining an appropriate level of interschool athletic competition in accordance with standards established by the commissioner.
  2. Recreation means the program which is organized to include types of activities such as arts and crafts, athletics,  dramatics, music,  rhythms,  sports  swimming and water safety provided at the discretion of school district authorities under the supervision of qualified  personnel  and  designed to provide for the worthy use of leisureby individuals and groups.
  3. Sports day means a day when pupils from two or more schools meet and engage in a variety of competitive sports events.
  4. Section means an organization of schools within a specified geographic area which holds membership in an athletic association, and is established for the purpose of administering athletic programs for the member schools and leagues within such area.


§ 135.2 General regulations.
  1. All schools under the jurisdiction of  the State Education Department shall provide a program of health, physical education and recreation in an environment conducive to healthful living. This  program shall include:
    1. health and safety education;
    2. physical education, includingathletics; and
    3. recreation
  2. It shall be the duty of trustees and boards of education:
    1. to provideapproved and adequate personnel and facilities;
    2. to maintain for each child cumulative records covering the essential features of the health and physical education program and, when a pupil transfers to another school, to provide such school with a certified transcript thereof;







Questions contact: Darryl Daily, NYSED at ddaily@mail.nysed.gov



§ 135.4 Physical education.
  1. School district plans. It shall be the duty of trustees and boards of education to develop and implement school district plans  to provide physical education experiences for all pupils as provided in this section. Such current plans shall be kept on file in the school district office and shall be filed with the Division of Physical Education, Fitness, Health, Nutrition and Safety Services. All school districts shall comply with the provisions of this plan by August 1 1982. However, the requirement for submission of a plan  shall become effective by January 1, 1983. A school district may conduct an instructional physical education program which differs from, but is equivalent to, the required program of instruction set forth in paragraph (2) of subdivision of this section, with the approval of the commissioner. An equivalent program may be implemented only after approval from the Division of Physical Education, Fitness, Health, Nutrition and Safety Services. A request for approval to conduct  an  equivalent  instructional  physical education program shall be filed with the Division of  Physical  Education,  Fitness, Health, Nutrition and Safety Services, and shall include the:
    1. program goals and objectives;
    2. way in which students are to be scheduled and the length of time daily, weekly, monthly or yearly;
    3. program activities offered at each  grade level or each year of instruction; and assessment activities for determining the students’ performance toward the goals and  objectives of the program.
  2. Nonpublic schools. Similar courses of instruction shall be prescribed and maintained in private schools in the State, and all pupils in grade kindergarten through 12 shall attend such courses. If such courses are not established and maintained in any private school, instruction in such school shall not be deemed to be substantially equivalent to instruction given to children of like ages in the public school or schools of city or district in which the child resides.
  3. Program plans. School district plans shall include the following:
    1. Curriculum.
      1. The curriculumshall be designedto:
        1. promote physical activity and the attainment of physical fitness, and a desire to maintain physical fitness throughout life;
        2. attain competency in the management of the body and useful physical skills;
        3. emphasize safety practices;
        4. motivate expression and communication:
        5. promote individual and group understanding:
        6. provide knowledge and appreciation of physical education activities;
        7. make each individual aware of the effect of physical activity upon the body;
        8. provide opportunities for the  exercise  of pupil  initiative,  leadership  and responsibility; and
        9. reinforce basic learning of other areas of the total school curriculum.
      2. There shall be experiences of sufficient variety in each of the following:



  1. basic and creative movement:
  2. rhythm and dance;
  3. games;
  4. perceptual- motor skills;
  5. individual and team sports;
  6. gymnastics;
  7. aquatics, where possible;
  8. lifetime sports activities;
  9. outdoor living skills; and
  10. other appropriate activitieswhich promotethe development of boys and girls.
  11. There shall be opportunity provided for participation in appropriate extra-class activities.
  12. There shall be activities adapted to meet the needs of pupils who are temporarily or permanently unable to participate in the regular program of physical education.  Adaptive physical education programs shall be taught by a certified physical  education teacher.
  13. There shall be continuous evaluation of the instructional program and assessment of individual pupil needs and progress. Appropriate cumulative records shall be maintained which cover the essential features of the physical education program for each pupil, and when a pupil transfers to another school, such records shall be transferredwith the student'stranscript.
  1. Required instruction.
    1. Elementary instructional program-grades K though 6.
      1. All pupils in grades K-3 shall participate in the physical education program on a daily basis. All pupils in grades 4-6 shall participate in the physical education program not less than three times each week. The minimum time devoted to such programs (K-6) shall be at least 120 minutes in each calendar week, exclusive of any time that may be required for dressing and showering; or
      2. As provided in an equivalent program approved by the Commissioner of Education.
    2. Secondary instructional program-grades 7 through 12. All secondary pupils shall have the opportunity for regular physical education, but not less than three times per week in one semester and two times per week in the other semester, taught by a certified physical education program either:
      1. a  minimum  of  three  periods  per  calendar  week  during  one  semester  of each school year and two periodsduringthe other semester; or
      2. a   comparable  time  each  semester  if   the  school  is   organized  in  other patterns; or
      3. for pupils in grades 10 through 12 only, a comparable time each semester in extra class  programs  for  those  pupils  who  have  demonstrated acceptable levels of physical fitness, physical  skills,  and  knowledge  of physical education  activities; or



  1. for pupils in grades 10 through 12 only, a comparable time each semester in out-of-school activities approved by the physical education staff and the school administration; or
  2. as  provided  in     an     equivalent  program    approved  by  the  Commissioner  of Education.
  1. Attendance.
    1. All pupils shall attend and participate in the physical education program as approved in the school plan for physical education and as indicated by physicians' examinations and other tests approved by the Commissioner of Education. Individual medical certificates of limitations must indicate the area of the program in which the pupil  may participate.
    2. School district plans  shall  indicate  through  the  sequential  curriculum  the  steps  to be taken to insure that each pupil meets the requirement for participation in a physical education program which complies with the provisions of this section. School districts may award local diploma credit for the  required program, and may also submit plans for elective units in physical education for additional credit.
  2. Personnel.
    1. Elementary classroom teachers may provide instruction under the direction and supervision of a certified physical education teacher.
    2. When students participate in out-of-school activities as part of alternative programs, such activities may be taught by non-certified personnel, provided they  have appropriate experience and are so approvedby the board of education.
    3. Each school district operating a high school shall employ a director of physical education who shall have certification in physical education and administrative and supervisory service. Such director shall provide leadership and supervision f o r the class instruction, intramural activities, and interschool athletic competition in the total physical education program. Where there are extenuating circumstances, a member of the physical education staff may be designated for such responsibilities, upon approval of the commissioner. School districts may share the services of a director of physical education.
  3. Facilities. Trustees and boards of education shall provide adequate indoor and outdoor facilities for the physical education program at all grade levels. Appropriate guidelines to schools with respect to facilities will be provided by the Division of Physical Education, Fitness, Health, Nutrition and Safety Services.
  4. Administrativeprocedures.
    1. School district plans for the physical education program shall include information on the following administrative procedures:
      1. curriculum development in relation to grade levels, as referred to in paragraph (1)  of this subdivision;
      2. appropriate  examinations  and  tests  to  be  employed  by  school  authorities  in determining pupil needs and progress in physical fitness, knowledge and skills;
      3. class size and grouping patterns which are compatible with the activities being taught;



  1. use of non-school facilities;
  2. use of non-certified persons, such as student leaders, practice teachers, etc.;
  3. use of supplementary personnel which are describedin section 80.33 of this Title;
  4. summer school physical education programs, if conducted; and
  5. policies and procedures for the conduct of extraclass programs.
  6. Periodic reports regarding the status and progress of equivalent programs which have been approved by the commissioner shall be filed with the Division of Physical Education, Fitness, Health, Nutrition and Safety Services as requested.
  1. Basic code for extra class athletic activities. Athletic participation in all schools shall be planned so as to conform to the following:
    1. GENREAL PROVISIONS. It shall be the duty of trustees and boards of education:
      1. To conduct school extra class athletic activities in accordance with this Part and such additional rules consistent with this basic code as may be adopted by such boards relating to items not covered specifically in this code. A board may authorize appropriate staff members to consult with representatives of other school systems and make recommendations to the board for the enactment of such rules;
      2. to   make   the   extra   class   athletic   activities   an   integral   part   of   the   physical education program;
      3. to permit individuals to serve as coaches of interschool athletic teams, other than intramural teams or extramural teams, in accordance with the following:
        1. Certified physical education teachers may coach any sport in any school;
        2. Teachers with coaching qualifications and experience certified only in areas other than physical education may coach any sport in any school provided they have completed;
          1. the first aid requirement set forth in section 135.5 of this Part;
          2. an approved pre-service or in-service education program for coaches or will complete such a program within three years of appointment. Such program shall include an approved course in philosophy principles and organization of  athletics,  which  shall  be  completed  within  two  years  after  initial appointment   as   a   coach.   Upon   application   to   the   Commissioner   of Education, setting forth the reasons for which an extension is necessary, the period in which to complete such training may be extended to no more than  five  years  after  such  appointment.  Such  approved  programs  for coaches  will  consist  of  one  of  the  following  (credits  and  hours  vary depending upon the contact and                                  endurance     involved in the sport): a department approved college   program   from   two to eight credits; or a department approved in-service education program, conducted by schools, colleges,   professional   organization   or   other   recognized   groups or agencies, from 30 to 120 clock hours; or an equivalent experience which is approved by the commissioner of Education; (see) Guidelines for Coaching  www.emsc.nysed.gov/ciai/physed.html)





Notwithstanding the provisions of section 80.18 of  this  Title, other persons with coaching qualifications and experience satisfactory to the board of education may be employed as temporary coaches of interschool sport teams,


when certified teachers with coaching qualifications and experience are not available, upon the issuance by the commissioner of a temporary coaching license. A temporary coaching license, valid for one year, will be issued under the following conditions:

  1. the superintendent of  schools shall submit an application for  a temporary coaching license, in which the inability of the district  to  obtain  the services of a certified teacher with coaching qualifications and experience is demonstrated to the  satisfaction of the commissioner;
  2. candidates for initial temporary licensure shall have completed the first aid requirement set forth in section 135.5 of this Part prior to the first day of coaching;
  3. candidates for the first renewal of a temporary license shall have completed or be enrolled in an approved course in philosophy, principles and organization of athletics; and
  4. candidates for any subsequent renewal of a temporary license shall  have completed or demonstrate evidence of satisfactory progress towards the completion of an approved pre-service or in-service education program for coaches which shall include an approved course  in philosophy,  principles and organization of athletics. Such approved programs for coaches shall consist of one of the following (credits and hours vary depending upon the contact and endurance involved in the sport): a department-  approved college program of from two to eight credits; or a department approved in- service education program, conducted by schools, colleges, professional organizations or other recognized groups or agencies, from  30  to  120 clock hours; or an equivalent experience which is approved by the Commissioner of Education.
    1. persons who were employed as coaches in New York State schools  on  or before September 1, 1974 and  who  do  not  meet  the  requirements  set  forth in sub clause (1), (2) or (3) of this clause, may continue to coach any sport. The NYS Board of Regents approved an amendment to section 135.4 of the Commissioner's Regulations to establish a three-year renewable professional coaching certificate. The amendment allows non-teacher coaches to be issued a professional coaching certificate. A professional coaching  certificate  will  be valid for a three- year period, and  may be  renewed  for an  additional three- year period upon submission of a renewal application. For additional information please reference section 135.4. NYSPHSAA NOTE: Volunteer coaches as a special class of coaches are not recognized by the S. E. D. This means these coaches must meet all the preceding requirements.
  5. to determine the need for an athletic trainer and to permit individuals to serve as athletic trainers for interschool athletic teams, intramural teams or physical education classes only in accordance with the following:
    1. Qualifications. Persons serving as an athletic trainer shall possess a valid certificate from the National Athletic Trainers Association or  have completed a



course  of  study  comparable  to  that  required  for  certification by the National Athletic Trainers Association.

  1. Scope   of  duties  and  responsibilities.  The  services  provided  by  an  athletic trainer shall include, but not limited to, the following:
    1. Provide first aid and sport injury emergency services for students;
    2. Provide school personnel and students with advice and services on physical conditioning programs, training methods, screening procedures, injury prevention and use of safety equipment for sports participation; and
    3. supervise the training room, maintain and order first aid supplies, and maintain records on student injuries and illnesses relative to sports participation in cooperation with the school health service office.
  2. to give primary consideration to the well-being of individual boys and girls in the conduct of games and sports;
  3. to sacrifice no individual for the sake of winningevents;
  4. to conduct all activities under adequate safety provisions;
  5. to equalize, insofar as possible, the powers of opponents in individual and group athleticcompetition;
  1. to provide adequate health examination before participation in strenuous activity and periodically throughout the season as necessary and to permit no pupil to participate in such activitywithout the approval of the school medical officer;
  2. to maintain an equitable division of facilities, budget and personnel between boys and girls;
  3. to permit no athletic team to represent a school except in conformance with this Part;
  4. to approve all traveling of individuals or teams under their jurisdiction;
  5. to permit no post-seasongames or tournaments;
  6. to permit no post-schedule games or tournaments other than those conducted by school authorities in accordance with approved standards;
  7. to permit any individual or team to represent a school only in games, meets or tournaments which are conducted by secondaryschoolauthorities;
  8. to provide opportunity for instruction, practice and competition for  pupils  in grade 4 through 6 in extra class programs which shall be basically intramural activities;
  9. to provide opportunity for instruction and practice for pupils in grades 7 through

12  in  extra  class  athletic activities which are  intramural activities and  approved interschool competition;

  1. to limit athletic activities conducted by the school to appropriate competition and practice between pupils in grades 7 through 12, except  that  a  post  graduate pupil may participatein intramuralactivities;
  2. to provide the same general degree of opportunity for participation in intramural and interscholastic activities to both males and females.
    1. PROVISIONS FOR INTERSCHOOL ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES FOR PUPILS IN GRADES 7 THROUGH 12. It shall be the duty of the trustees and boards of education to conduct interschool athletic competition for grades 7 through 12 in accordance with the following:



  1. Interschool athletic competition for pupils in junior high school grades seven, eight and nine. Such competition shall be conducted in accordance with the following exceptions:
    1. In junior high school, competition may include grades seven through nine.
    2. In six-year high schools, ninth grade pupils may participate in junior high competition.
    3. A board of  education may  permit pupils in grades no lower than seventh to compete on any senior high school team, or permit senior high school pupils to compete on any teams in grades no lower than  seventh,  provided  the pupils are placed at levels of competition appropriate to their physiological maturity, physical fitness and skills in relationship to other pupils on those teams in accordance with standards established by the commissioner.
      1. Interschool athletic competition for  pupils  in  senior  high  school grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. Inter-high school athletic competition shall be limited to competition between high school teams, composed of pupils in grade 9 to 12 inclusive, except as otherwise provided in sub clause (a)(4) of this subparagraph. Such activities shall be conducted in accordance with the following:
  1. DURATION OF COMPETITION. A pupil shall be eligible for senior high school athletic competition in a sport during each of four consecutive seasons of such sport commencing with the pupil's entry into the ninth grade and prior to graduation, except as otherwise provided in this sub clause, or except as authorized by a waiver granted under clause (d) of this subparagraph to a student with a disability. If a board of education has adopted a policy, pursuant to sub clause (a)(4) of this  subparagraph,  to  permit  pupils  in  seventh  and eighth grades to compete in senior high  school  athletic  competition,  such pupils shall be eligible for competition  during  five  consecutive  seasons  of  a sport commencing with the pupil's entry into the eighth grade, or six consecutive seasons of a sport commencing with the pupil's entry into the seventh grade. A pupil enters competition in a given year when the pupil  is  a  member of  the team in the sport involved, and that team has completed at least one contest. A pupil shall be eligible for interschool competition in grades  9,  10,  11  and  12 until the last day of the school year in which he or she attains the age of 19, except as otherwise provided in sub clause (a)(4) or clause (d) of this subparagraph or in this sub clause. The  eligibility  for  competition  of  a pupil who has not attained the age of 19 years prior to July 1st may be  extended under the following circumstances.
    1. If sufficient evidence is presented by the chief school officer to the section to show that the pupil's failure to enter competition during one or more seasons of a sport was caused by illness or accident beyond the control of the student, such pupil's eligibility shall be extended accordingly in  that sport. In order to be deemed sufficient, the evidence must include documentation  showing  that  as  a  direct  result  of  the  illness or  accident



beyond  the  control  of  the  student,  the  pupil  will  be  required  to  attend school for one or more additional semesters in order to graduate.

  1. If the chief school officer demonstrated to the satisfaction of the section that the pupil’s failure to enter competition during one or more seasons of a sport is caused by such pupil’s enrollment in a national or international student exchange program, that as a result of such enrollment the pupil will be required to attend school for one or more additional semesters in order to graduate, and that the pupil did not enter  competition  in  any  sport while enrolled in such program, such pupil's eligibility shall be extended accordingly in such sport. (d) Waiver from the age requirement and four- year limitation for interschool athletic competition for students with disabilities in senior high school grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. For purposes of this clause, the term non-contact sport shall include swimming and diving, golf, track and field, cross country rifle, bowling, gymnastics, skiing and archery, and any other such non-contact sport deemed appropriate by the Commissioner. A student with a  disability,  as defined  in section  4401  of the Education Law, who has not yet graduated from high school may be eligible to participate in a senior high school non-contact athletic competition for a fifth year under the following limited conditions: (1) such student must apply for and be  granted  a  waiver to  the  age  requirement and four-year limitation prescribed in sub clause (b)(1) of this subparagraph. A waiver shall only be granted upon a determination  by  the superintendent of schools or chief executive officer of the school or school system, as applicable, that the given student meets the following criteria:
    1. Such student has not graduated from high school as a result of his or her disability delaying his or  her educationfor one year or more;
    2. such student is otherwise qualified to compete in the athletic competition for which he or she is applying for a waiver and the student must have been selected for such competition in the past;
    3. such student has not already participated in an additional season of athletic competition pursuant to a waiver granted under this sub clause;
    4. such student has undergone a physical evaluation by  the  school physician, which shall include an assessment of the student's level of physical development and maturity, and the school physician has determined that the student's participation in such competition will not present a safety or health concern for such student; and
    5. the superintendent of schools or chief executive officer of the school or school system has determined that the given student's participation in the athletic competition will not adversely affect the opportunity of the other students competing in the sport to successfully participate in such competition.
  1. REGISTRATION. A pupil shall be eligible for interschool competition in a sport during a semester, provided that he is a bona fide student, enrolled during the first 15 school days of such semester, is registered in the equivalent of three regular courses, is meeting the physical education requirement, and has been in



regular attendance 80 percent of the school time, bonafide absence caused by personal illness excepted.

  1. SPORTS STANDARDS. Interschool athletic programs shall be planned so as to provide opportunities for pupils to participate in a sufficient variety of types of sports. Sports standards, such as number of contests, length of seasons, time between contests, required practice days, etc., for all interschool sports shall conform to guidelines established by the Commissioner of Education.
(c)Male and female pupils on interschool athletic teams.
  1. Equal opportunity to participate in interschool competition, either on separate teams or in mixed competition on the same team, shall be provided to male and female students, except as hereinafter provided. In schools that do not provide separate competition for male and female students in a specific sport, no student shall be excluded from such competition solely  by reason  of sex, except in accordance with the provisions of sub clauses (2) and  (4)  of  this clause. For the purposes of this clause, baseball and softball shall be considered to constitute a singlesport.
  2. In the sports of baseball, basketball, boxing, field hockey, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, softball, speedball, team handball, power volleyball where the height of the net is set at less than eight feet,  and wrestling, the fitness of a given student to participate in mixed competition  shall  be determined by a review panel consisting of the school physician, a physical education teacher designated by  the principal of the school, and if requested by the parents of pupil, a physician selected by such parents. Such panel shall make its determination by majority vote of the members, and  in accordance with standards and criteria issued by the department.
  3. Where a school provides separate competition for male and female pupils in interschool athletic competition in a specific sport, the superintendent of schools, or in the case of a nonpublic school or school system which elects to be governed by this clause, the chief executive officer of the school system, may permit a female or females to participate on a team organized for males. However, where separate competition  is  provided,  males may not participate on teams organized for females. NYSPHSAA NOTE: This clause is to meet the needs of the exceptionally talented girl.
  4. Where a school does not  provide separate competition for male and female pupils in interschool athletic competition in a specific  sport,  the superintendent of schools, or in the case of a nonpublic school  or  school system which elects to be governed by this clause, the chief executive officer of the school or school system, or the section may decline to permit a male or males to participate on a team organized for females upon finding that such participation would have a significant adverse effect upon the opportunity of females to participate successfully in interschool competition in that sport.



§ 135.5 First aid knowledge and skills requirements for coaches.
  1. Coaches of extra class periods in physical education, as defined in section 135.1 (h) of this Part, shall meet the requirements of this section.
  2. Except as provided in subdivision (c) of this section, all coaches must hold valid certification in first aid knowledge and skills, including instruction in the administration of adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation, as issued by the American National Red Cross, or meet equivalent requirements as set forth in this section.
  3. By January 15, 1993 all coaches employed on or after January 15, 1992 must hold valid certification in first aid knowledge and skills, including instruction in administration of adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation, as issued by the American National Red Cross, or meet equivalent requirements as set forth in this section.
  4. For the purpose of this section, the following shall be deemed as equivalent to certification in first aid knowledge and skills, including instruction in  administration of adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation as issued by the American National Red Cross:
    1. completion of an approved course for coaches in first aid knowledge and skills, including instruction in administration of adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
    2. completion of an approved college or university first aid knowledge and skills course, including instruction in administration of adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
    3. completion of approved college or university courses in athletic training  and sports medicine, which include first aid knowledge and skills, including instruction in administration of adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation; or
    4. equivalent experience which is approved by the Commissioner of Education.
  5. Except as provided in subdivision (c) of this section, prior  to  the  start  of  each sports season, coaches must provide valid evidence to their chief school officer that their first aid and adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation knowledge and skills are current pursuant to the requirements established by the American  National  Red Cross or that they meet equivalent requirements as set forth in subdivision (d) of this section.













Regulations of the Commissioner of Education

Section 135.4(c) (7) (i) (c) and Section 135.5

The Universityof the State of New York





*For furtherclarificationon other specific First Aid/Pre certification’s not listed, pleasecontact the Associate in Physical Education at (518) 474-5922.




NFHS Coaching Course New York State (NYS) Specific Second Pathway Guidelines



Effective July 1,  2015, coaches in New York  State (NYS) will be able to pursue a second alternative pathway to complete the 3 NYS required coaching courses (Principles, Philosophy and organization of Athletics in Education, Health Sciences Applied to Coaching, and Theory & Techniques of Coaching (Sport Specific) by utilizing the NFHS online coaching courses (AIC-Level 1 and CIC-Level 2) and completion of an internship in accordance with guidelines. See   link:   https://nfhslearn.com/home/coaching_requirement


The NFHS NYS Specific Second Pathway Process is outlined below:


  1. First Temporary Coaching License – No Change
    1. SED Approved First Aid course
    2. SED Approved CPR/AED course
    3. Child Abuse recognition course
    4. School Violence Prevention Course,
    5. DASA training
    6. Fingerprinting

Not required for certification, however required by District to coach: Concussion  Course (Every 2 years)


II.Second Temporary Coaching License (First Renewal) – No Change
  1. SED Approved First Aid course
  2. SED Approved CPR/AED course
  3. Child Abuse recognition course
  4. School Violence Prevention Course,
  5. DASA training
  6. Fingerprinting

Not required for certification, however required by District to coach: Concussion  Course (Every 2 years)





III.Third, Fourth and Fifth Temporary Coaching License (2          4

Renewal) – Two  Options



Option I (Current Requirements)

Option II NFHS

SED Approved First Aid course

SED Approved First Aid course

SED Approved CPR/AED course

SED Approved CPR/AED course

Completion of Principles, Philosophy and Organization of Athletics in Education

NFHS Accredited Interscholastic Coach Certificate (AIC-Lever 1*)

Child Abuse recognition course

Child Abuse recognition course

School Violence Prevention Course

School Violence Prevention Course

DASA training

DASA training



Not required for certification, however required by District to coach: Concussion Course (Every 2 years)(Kept at local level)



*NFHS Accredited Interscholastic Coach Certificate (AIC-Level 1) includes:

  1. Fundamentals of Coaching (NYS Specific)
  2. First Aid, Health and Safety For Coaches
  3. Concussion in Sports
  4. One   Sport   Specific   course   of   your   choice.   All   courses   can   be   found  at  http://www.nfhslearn.org


IV.Professional Coaching Certificate (by year 5)


Option I (Current Requirements): Must be followed if the coach was issued the third temporary using this option

Option II (NFHS) Must be followed if the coach was issued the third temporary using this option

SED Approved First Aid course

SED Approved First Aid course

SED Approved CPR/AED course

SED Approved CPR/AED course

Completion  of  Principles, Philosophy and Organization of Athletics in Education

NFHS Accredited Interscholastic Coach Certificate (AIC-Level 1)

Health Sciences Applied to Coaching

NFHS Accredited Interscholastic Coach Certificate (CIC-Level 2)** Internship – 30 hours***

Theory & Techniques of Coaching (sport specific)

Verification of three years of coaching

Verification of three years of coaching

Child Abuse recognition course

Child Abuse recognition course

School Violence Prevention Course,

School Violence Prevention Course,



Not required for certification, however required by District to coach: Concussion Course (Every 2 years) (Kept at local level)



** Completion of the following Certified Interscholastic Coach (CIC-Level 2)

Course  Requirements:


  1. Fundamentals of Coaching (NYS Specific) (Included in AIC)
  2. First Aid, Health and Safety For Coaches (included in AIC)
  3. Concussion in Sports (Included in AIC)
  4. One sport-specific course of your choice (included in AIC)
  5. Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment
  6. Strength and Conditioning
  7. Teaching and Modeling Behavior
  8. Engaging Effectively with Parents
  9. Sportsmanship
  10. Sports Nutrition
  11. Heat Illness Prevention


***Internship: 30 hour minimum. Includes; Internship Evaluation Form completed (Kept at local level) and Coaching Internship Attestation (Sent to SED).


Note: If using Option II -NFHS certification for additional specific sport certificates, the evaluator must submit directly to the Office of Teaching Initiatives, the Coaching Internship Attestation form for the sport and the NFHS Sport Specific course completed.



Verification of Completion of a Sport Specific Internship for NYS Athletic  Coaches using the NFHS Pathway

Instructions for the Coaching Candidate


Please complete Section I with your information and request your internship evaluator complete section 2 and return the form directly to the Office of Teaching Initiatives.


Instructions for the Coaching Internship Evaluator


Please complete Section II. This form must be completed by the person that evaluated this coaching candidate. The form must be completed and submitted directly to the Office of Teaching Initiatives by mail to:


New York State Education Department Office of Teaching Initiatives

89 Washington Ave

Albany, NY  12234

Section I:

First Name:

Last Name:


Middle Initial:

Street Address:



Zip Code:

Date of Birth:

/                 /

Last 4 Digits of the Social Security Number:


Section II


The coach identified above has completed an internship for:


Date internship complete:         /         /

mo        day            year



The undersigned hereby attests that he/she is the Internship evaluator of the above-described certification candidate. The coaching candidate has demonstrated the competencies as listed on the Internship Evaluation form and meets or exceeds expectations. See link: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/ciai/pe/toolkit.html The Internship  Evaluation Form is found under the heading Athletics and Coaching.


School                                                       District/Agency/Organization                                                        Name:                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Address:                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Phone number:                                                                    Email:                                                                                                       Signature Internship                                                                                                                                          Evaluator:                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Printed Name                           of                          the                           Internship                          Evaluator:                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Title/Position of the Internship Evaluator:                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Date:             /          /                         mo                      day                         year

Internship Evaluation Attestation - July 2015


Table of Contents

Purpose....................................................................................................................................................................... 50

Who Shall Meet the Requirements?........................................................................................................ 51

Who  is Responsible for  Compliance and Records?.................................................................. 54

Ways of Meeting the Educational Course Requirements for Coaching............................. 54

Sport     Categories................................................................................................................................................... 55

Who MayOffer NYSEDCoaching and FA/CPR Courses...................................................................... 56

  1. Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.................................... 58

Section 135.4 (c) (7) (i) (c)

  1. Coaching Course Summaries.................................................................. 61
  2. Coaching Course Equivalent Application............................................... 63
  3. Coaching Course Extension Application................................................................. 65
  4. Courses Accepted to Meet the First Aid and CPR Requirement......... 66
  5. Common Acronyms................................................................................................................ 67








Office Of Curriculum and Instructional Support 89 Washington Avenue

Albany, New York 12234

(518) 474-5922; Fax: (518) 486-1385






Internship Evaluation Information Form


Name of Coach:                                                                                                                                                               


Name and Title/Position of Evaluator:                                                &n