National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)



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The mission of the National Federation is to serve its members and its related professional groups by providing leadership and national coordination  for the administration of interscholastic activities which will enhance the educational experiences of high school students and reduce risks of their participation. The National Federation will promote participation and sportsmanship to develop good citizens through interscholastic activities which provide equitable opportunities, positive recognition and learning experiences to students while maximizing the achievement of educational goals.

National Federation Mission Statement


High school activities programs will attract more than 10 million participants this year. Nearly 50% of the student body of most schools will be involved in some phase of the interscholastic program.


In virtually all of these schools, the interscholastic activities program will require a school board subsidy between one and three percent of the total school budget. That includes equipment, supplies, transportation, coaches’ salaries and a portion of the utility bills.


Fifty percent of the students at one to three percent of the budget: that could be the best bargain in public is demanding. Rather than being squeezed out of school programs, interscholastic activities programs should be held up to the communities as model programs for these times.


THE MEMBERSHIP of the National Federation consists of 51 individual state high school athletic and/or activity associations and the association of the District of Columbia. Also benefiting from National Federation services are affiliated members of 11 Canadian provincial associations and similar groups in the Philippines, Guam, Bermuda and the Virgin Islands. Policies for high school athletics emanate from the National Federation and its members.


THE SERVICES of the National Federation are based on the belief that strong state and national high school organizations are necessary to: protect the activity and athletic interests of high schools and the student participants, and promote growth of programs which are educational in both means and ends for the participants.



COACHES AND OFFICIALS are also served in a variety of ways through the National Federation Interscholastic Coaches Association (NFICA) and National Federation Interscholastic Officials Association (NFIOA). Each individual member receives a monthly tabloid containing information to assist individual professional development as well as inform and involve high school coaches and officials in the work of their state and national administrative organizations.


ATHLETIC DIRECTORS benefit directly from National Federation services, including an annual conference conducted for them and printed proceedings distributed to them. A quarterly journal, Interscholastic Athletic Administration, is published as a continuing forum for the exchange of ideas pertinent to athletic administration, a growing profession which the National Federation recognizes as vital to the welfare of high school sports.


NATIONAL FEDERATION PUBLICATIONS are published in 17 sports. The National Federation rules committee’s consist of high school coaches and administrators.


THE HIGH SCHOOL TODAY is a comprehensive publication distributed ten times a year. Included in each publication are all major athletic rule changes, questions and answers for various sports while in session, plus a section containing music and speech information. The HS TODAY is provided to members of the various National Federation professional organizations as part of their membership. The Publication reaches thousands of high school administrators, coaches and officials, as well as the general public and news media across the nation.


FEDERAL LEGISLATION is monitored by the National Federation staff, and the membership aggressively opposes bills which would adversely affect interscholastic activities programs on the local, state or national levels.


ATHLETIC EXPERIMENTATION is conducted by the National Federation through its rules committees and cooperating agencies, such as the National Operating Committee for Standards of Athletic Equipment.  The result is safety in high school athletics which is unparalleled on any other level of competition.


SANCTIONING of interstate and international contests is carried out by the National Federation to curb abuses which might result without such a program. Applications for sanction are carefully reviewed to assure that  students will not be exploited and that certain programs are not overemphasized to the expense of others.


NATIONAL RECORDS are maintained by the National Federation in order to bring proper recognition to boys and girls who achieve unprecedented performances in interscholastic competition. It is believed such recognition stimulates public interest in high school programs and motivates other boys and girls to improve their skills.


HIGH SCHOOLS are represented by the National Federation on the U.S. Olympic Committee and national sport governing bodies. The National Federation cooperates with many other national  organizations  such  as  Major  League  Baseball,  the  National  Collegiate  Athletic



Association, the National Junior College Athletic Association, the National Association of Secondary School Principals and the Young Men’s Christian Association to the extent that such organizations’ activities affect interscholastic programs and participants.






The New York State Public High School Athletic Association, Inc. has been a member of the National Federation of State High School Associations since 1926.






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