OFFICIATING 2015 – 2017





When NYSPHSAA, Inc. approves a change in rules for the conduct of a sport, the established official’s organization which has  been  servicing  a  particular  sport  program will continue to service that sport provided they have met the new  certifying qualifications. Officials who wish to service that program must be certified by this established officials group.


WHEREAS, our  high school athletic program is an integral part of our curriculum to be conducted by secondary-school authorities under playing rules adapted to the capacities and safety of our students.


AND WHEREAS, it is essential that the officiating of games shall be performed as a part of the educational program of the school, the details of game administration for interscholastic  contests are the responsibility of secondary-school authorities.




  1. Officials who work for our member schools render valuable service.
  2. An official performs an exacting task and one’s judgment is to be respected.
  3. Continued cooperation with officials ‘organizations is essential.
  4. Existing officials’ organizations which meet the standards of the NYSPHSAA, Inc. are to be maintained or new ones formed when the need arises.
  5. Since  annual  elections  are  held  by  officials’ organizations,  these  Chapters,  Boards, or Associations shall be registered with the NYSPHSAA, Inc. each year.
  6. No  implication should be evident  that prospective competent officials are prevented from having an opportunityto qualifyfor officiating.
  7. Officials  should  be  able  to  fulfill  requirements  comparable  to  those  specified  for the licensure of professionallytrained personnel who deal with secondary-schoolstudents.
  8. Officials shall be selected and assigned by secondary-school authorities in the school, the league, or the section, State Association or their designee.
  9. Officiating is worthy of recompense commensurate with the experience and training of the official and with the responsibilities assumed.
  10. Fees for officiating  should be determined  in a joint conference between schools’ and  officials’ representatives.






  1. To establish standards for their members for competent officiating.
  2. To recruit and train new members.
  3. To provide for the promotion of members.
  4. To conduct rules interpretation.
  5. To use high school rules interpretations.
  6. To administer high school rules examinations.
  7. To certify members as to their performance in the game.
  8. To make an annual report on each member to the NYSPHSAA, Inc.






Dennis Burkett, Chairman, New Paltz 12561 Louis Stella, Vice-Chairman, Ballston Spa 12020 Robert Stulmaker, Secretary, Latham 12110

Vince DeFeo, Recording Secretary, Glenmont 12077






Baseball: Ron Gabriel, Hudson 12534

Basketball-Boys: Len Maida, Whitesboro 13492 Basketball-Girls: Louis Stellato, BallstonSpa 12020 Cheerleading: Marsha Tessler

Field Hockey: Vince DeFeo, Glenmont 12077 Football: John Whalen, Binghamton 13903 Gymnastics-Boys: Kurt Stumpf, Williamsville 14221 Gymnastics-Girls: Sarah Jane Clifford, Penfield 14526 Ice Hockey: Jim Keegan, Camillus 13031

Lacrosse-Boys: Skip Spensieri, BallstonSpa 12020 Lacrosse-Girls: Joe Fanning, Farmingdale 11235 Soccer-Boys/Girls: Richard Leaf, Somers 10589 Softball: James Berkery, Cohoes 12047

Swimming-Boys/Girls: Pat Potter, Queensbury12804 Track & Field-Boys/Girls: Jan O’Shea, Greene 13778 Volleyball-Boys/Girls: Sally Wise, Pulaski 13142 Wrestling: Louis R. Pettinelli, Brewerton 13029






  1. TBA
  2. TBA
  3. John Rathbun/Dawn Field, E. Syracuse 13057
  4. TBA
  5. Dennis O’Brien, Hornell 14843
  6. Timm Slade, West Seneca 14224
  7. John Gallagher, Plattsburg 12901
  8. Jay Gallagher, Garden City 11530
  9. Dennis Burkett, Marlboro 12542
  10. Carl Normandin, Canton 13617
  11. Ed Cinelli, Smithtown 11787






The name of this Council shall be the New York State High School Officials Coordinating Federation.





To provide a central association of officials and schools through which all approved officials organizations, all Section Athletic Councils, and all high schools may cooperate in making recommendations to the NYSPHSAA, Inc. and to State Officials Organizations toward the following  goals.


  1. To ensure a sufficient number of well-qualified officials.
  2. To maintain good working relationships among all agencies and individuals connected with interscholastic sports.
  3. To create equitable standards and procedures for the rating, assigning, and paying of officials.
  4. To promote fair officiating policies.
  5. To communicate on a state-wide basis all facets relative to the athletic programs sponsored by the NYSPHSAA, Inc.
  6. To establish uniform state-wide officiating.
  1. To guarantee in-service training of officials according to the Five Point Program.


Under the Five Point Program approved officials are those who:

  1. Observe the constitutions and bylaws of their local and state officials’organizations.
  2. Attend interpretation meetings and clinics of the local organization each year.
  3. Give satisfactory evidence of proficiency in the mechanics of officiating and of competent performancerelated to the specificsport.
  4. Pass the National Federation, State, or other approvedrules examination.
  5. Are listed with the NYSPHSAA, Inc.




Membership shall be open to any officials’ organization that is organized on a state-wide basis and:

  1. Is accredited and approved by the NYSPHSAA, Inc.
  2. Maintains satisfactory membership in the N.Y.S.H.S.O.C.F.






Representation shall consist of the following:

  1. One representative from each approved sports officials group.
  2. One representative from each Section who will represent all sports in that Section.
  3. One representative from the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, Inc.
  4. One representative from the New York State Education Department, (Ex-Officio).
  5. State Sports Committee Chairman (Ex-Officio).




The New York State High School Officials’ Coordinating Federation shall be the organization to which matters of concern related to officiating shall be referred by the State  and Local  Officials Organizations, Athletic Associations, Section Athletic Councils, for consideration and recommendations, after all local and sectional efforts have failed to bring agreement to all parties  concerned, or injustice being done.




  1. The Chairman shall prepare the agenda and preside over all meetings.
  2. The Vice-Chairman shall preside at meetings in the absence of the Chairman.
  3. The Secretary shall be the Assistant Director of the NYSPHSAA, Inc. who will be responsible for arranging all meetings, notifying all officials, State  organizations,  sectional  councils,  State Education Department, as requested by the Chairman, and will be responsible for the mailing of the minutes of each meeting.
  4. The RecordingSecretary will be responsiblefor the taking of minutes of each meeting.
  5. The Treasurer shall be the Executive Director of the NYSPHSAA, Inc.





  1. The Coordinating Federation shall hold a minimum of two meetings per school year, plus any special meetings as needed. (At least one meeting shall be  devoted  exclusively  to Article II.) The meetings shall, whenever possible, be held in conjunction with meetings of the  NYSPHSAA, Inc.
  2. State Sports Committee Meetings. There shall be at least one meeting per year between Sports Officials representatives and the State Sports  Committee  Chairman  of  each individual sport; this shall be held prior to the Coordinating  Federation  meeting,  at which time each  Sports Chairman will report on matters of mutual interest and concern.
  3. Rules Interpretation Meetings. There shall be one rules interpretation meeting per school year for each sport for the purpose of standardizing officiating procedure to be attended by an officer or representative of the Coordinating Federation, at least one representative from  each section for each sport and the State Sports Committee Chairman.





  1. Proposals to amend this Constitution, Bylaws, or an addition to, change in, or deletion of any policy, relative to the activities of the Federation may be presented at any regular meeting of the Coordinating Federation. Written notice of the proposed amendment must be provided with the mailing of the agenda for the next scheduled meeting of the Federation.
  2. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the  members  of  the  Coordinating  Federation  shall  be necessary  to approve any amendment.
  3. Amendments become effective beginning with the next Federation meeting following approval.
  4. All meetings of the Federation shall be conducted in accordance with accepted practice of parliamentary procedure.
  5. All amendments and bylaws shall conform  to  all  rules  and  regulations  regarding officiating  as set forth by the NYSPHSAA, Inc. and the New York State EducationLaw.


AGREEMENT, made this            day of  _, 20 _, by and between the NEW YORK STATE PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, INC., hereinafter referred to as the NYSPHSAA, Inc.  and the #, hereinafter referredto as #.


WHEREAS, the # is an association whose members are qualified # officials who are also officials of the local # officials association throughout the State of New York, and members in good standing of the state officials’organization.


WHEREAS, the # desires to furnish officials for # to member schools of the NYSPHSAA, Inc. and

WHEREAS, the NYSPHSAA, Inc. is an association whose members are secondary schools within the State of New York.



The # will accept and comply with the Five Point Program of the NYSPHSAA, Inc. with respect to each if its local # officials associations and its members, and through its local chapters, shall  assume the responsibility of training, testing and certifying competent officials for all interscholastic # contests scheduled by each of the member schools at all levels of competition in each of the sections of the NYSPHSAA, Inc.


The # will cooperate with the sectional athletic councils in the expansion of recruiting and  training programs to achieve these objectives and to provide an opportunity for all interested  individuals to become qualified officials.


The # will establish territories of service for its local # official’s chapters. The NYSPHSAA, Inc.  and its subdivisions will recognize and abide by the territorial rights of these chapters to service schools within these areas.


The # will provide a representative to the NEW YORK STATE HIGH SCHOOL OFFICIALS’ COORDINATING FEDERATION and will ensure that each # chapter that has territorial rights in a  section will participate with the sectional council(s)of officials.


The NYSPHSAA, Inc. may be represented among those administrating and grading the local test, written and practical, and will be furnished a copyof the name of each individual tested.


The # will submit a list of approved or certified officials (with updates as they occur) of each of its local associations (chapters) to the Assistant Director of the NYSPHSAA, Inc. each year.


The # will discipline its officials through its local # officials’ association when necessary and will  process and resolve all controversies regardingofficiatingprocedures.


The # recognized that the member schools of the NYSPHSAA, Inc. bear the primary responsibility for creating and maintaining qualified athletic programs. The NYSPHSAA, Inc. will  process and resolve all controversies regarding actions of contestants, coaches


or authorities of  its member schools and will discipline such persons or its member schools in accordance with  the provisions of the Eligibility Standards entitled APPEAL PROCEDURE and PENALTIES of the  NYSPHSAA, Inc. HANDBOOK.


The # agrees that the officials shall be selected and assigned by the secondary school authorities in the school, the league, the section or their designee as the case may be. The NYSPHSAA, Inc. and its member schools shall use only those approved officials who are active members in good standing of a local official’s association of the #.


The NYSPHSAA, Inc., represented by its sections, shall initiate negotiation sessions. Furthermore, the NYSPHSAA, Inc. or its sections shall determine the structure and format of  negotiations including the number of representatives. Each chapter of officials servicing a  section will be involved in these negotiations with representation being indirect.


Should any member school of the NYSPHSAA, Inc. or any of its subdivisions fail to reach contact terms with regards to officiating for any sport season with #, or if a grievance of any nature should arise after the execution of such contract, the parties agree to abide by the following procedure:


Step No. 1: In case of failure to reach contract terms, the NYSPHSAA, Inc. must be notified no later than the first day of the month of October proceeding the school fiscal year in question. Sections and/or officials groups may not be entitled to impasse resolution procedures unless a minimum of 4 bargaining sessions were held (exclusive of ground rules meetings). Within thirty (30) days of notifying the NYSPHSAA, Inc., a concise statement of the issues and supporting facts, as well as evidence of agreed upon ground rules that governed the conduct of the negotiations and the  schedule (record) of bargaining  sessions held, must be submitted in writing to the Assistant  Director. Should the  declared impasse concern a grievance of any nature, the appealing party will also submit a filing fee of $100.00, c/o the NYSPHSAA, Inc., prior to the convening of a hearing conducted by the NYSPHSAA, Inc. A hearing will be convened by a representative of the NYSPHSAA,  Inc. and a representative of a sports officials organization both selected by the President of the  NYSPHSAA, Inc. These two (2) representatives will serve to determine  the facts and to recommend resolution of the issues as presented by two (2) representatives of the section involved and two (2)  representatives of the Sport Chapter(s) involved. Neither party may introduce new topics for resolution that were not introduced during contract/grievance negotiations. All discussions and  agreements  should be completed by the following first day of January.


Step No. 2: If contract terms are not reached by the aforementioned first day of  January; or if a  grievance has not been resolved within ten (10) days of its  presentation, a written report stating  the issues involved, discussions held at the hearing and recommendations for settlement shall be presented to the parties. Acknowledgement of acceptance (or not) shall be dated and signed by all participating representatives; and submitted to the Assistant Director of the NYSPHSAA, Inc. Failure  to respond to the proposed report within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt shall result in acceptance of the report. The report will be sent certified mail.



Step No. 3: If contract terms are not reached nor the grievance resolved within thirty (30) days after receipt of the recommendations under the provisions of Step No. 2, the issues shall be submitted by the Assistant Director for arbitration. The Arbitration Panel will consist of three (3)  members: one (1) representative from the NYSPHSAA, Inc., one (1) representative from the Officials  and one (1) Arbiter from the American Arbitration Association (AAA). If issue(s) concern a  grievance of any nature, the appealing party will remit a filing fee of $200 to convene the committee.


All fees and expenses, including those required by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and arbiter, will be split equally between both parties.


Expenses incurred by the personnel of the NYSPHSAA, Inc. in accordance with implementing any of the steps listed above shall be shared equally by the officials’ organization(s) involved  and the section involved. Expenses include all necessary and customary travel expenses, including, but not limited to mileage at the prevailing rate paid Executive Committee members,  lodging and meals.


Since this agreement provides for the orderly and amicable adjustment and settlement of any and all disputes, differences and grievances, there will be no resort to strikes (withholding of  services) by the # or its local chapters or lockouts by the NYSPHSAA, Inc., its subdivisions or any of its memberschools.


The # shall retain its autonomy and the autonomy of each of its member associations shall be preserved.


Notwithstanding any other provisions to the contrary, each approved official shall be acting in  his/her capacity as an official who is an independent contractor with regard to his/her relationship to any member school, the NYSPHSAA, Inc. or any of its subdivisions and in no way does an employer-employee relationship  exist.  Each official shall perform services in  accordance with currently approved methods and practices in his or her professional capacity  and in accordance with the standards of the # and of the NYSPHSAA, Inc. Such services shall  include any reporting requirements established by   the NYSPHSAA or its subdivisions  concerning student/athlete and/or coach misconduct.


This AGREEMENT shall remain in effect until the 30th day of June, 20  .


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this agreement on the date first above written.