2013-2014 RULES CHANGES: 



USBC rules will be used for scoring purposes only, with the exception of USBC rule #400 pertaining to amateur status. Any violation of USBC rule #400 will result in a one year suspension from the date of the infraction which mirrors the penalty for Eligibility Standard #2.

GAME: A game consists of 10 frames. 

MATCH (contest): Consists of a maximum of 3 games. Tournament: Consists of a maximum of 6 games and counts as 1 contest. The Baker format may be used a maximum of two times per season with a maximum of 15 Baker format games per tournament. A combination tournament is permitted with a maximum of eight (8) Baker format games and three (3) individual games. A Combination Tournament counts towards the maximum of two (2) Baker format tournaments. Individual Limitations: A student may not participate in more than one contest per day. Tie Breaking Procedures: In tournament competition only one of the following tie breaking procedures may be used until the tie is broken: 1. regular game; 2. 9th & 10th frame roll off; 3. one game Baker format. The tie breaking procedure must be designated prior to the start of the tournament. With Section approval, Section championship tournaments may utilize a combination tournament that will consist of a maximum of three (3) standard team games and a maximum of fifteen (15) Baker style games (Dec. 2009). No practice bowling will be allowed in the tournament house after midnight of the day preceding the State Championship. Violations of this rule will result in individual or team disqualification. The oil pattern will be announced in advance of the NYSPHSAA Bowling Tournament. The pattern will be prepared for the practice round, with the understanding the pattern will be set as consistent as possible throughout the tournament. Other pertinent lane information will be included in the pre-tournament announcement. (August 2009). It is recommended that training should precede the first contest and that all competitors be in uniform. The foul line rule shall never be set aside. For other requirements see p. 110.

Scrimmages: In a bowling scrimmage any format may be used and substitutions may be made at any time. No official scores may be kept; therefore, scores may not be used in calculating season average or for qualifying for sectional or state tournaments. Scores may not be used toward league or non-league standing.