2019-2020 Rules Changes-

1-5-1b: Provides consistent NFHS Rules Book language regarding uniforms.

Rationale: The language provides consistency with other NFHS Rules Books

1-6-5: Clarifies the date when eye protection must be permanently labeled with the ASTM 2713 standard for field hockey at the time of manufacture.

Rationale:The adjusted date is in response to limited supply of permanently labeled goggles in the market and the timeline production of these goggles for the manufacturer. 

9-1-1: Clarifies the location of a free hit.

Rationale:Improves consistency for reset of the free hit when play is stopped.  

9-2-1f: Clarifies the procedure for taking a free hit.

Rationale:Clarifies that the ball must travel 5 yards before being played into the circle by the attacking team.

10-3-1, 2: Clarifies the criteria for the completion of a penalty corner.

Rationale: Clarifies the criteria for the completion of a penalty corner in regulation and extended play and aligns the rule with other rule codes.


2019 Major Editorial Changes

1-6-6: Reorganization of Player Equipment rule.

Rationale: Consistency with wording in the rules book.


2019 Editorial Changes

1-6-5 SITUATION A; 2-1-2b; 2-1-2h; OFFICIALS GUIDE V.A.4; OFFICIALS GUIDE VIII D.2; Field Diagram


2019 Points of Emphasis

  1. Properly Marked Protective Eyewear
  2. Good Sporting Behavior
  3. Free Hits Within 25-yard Area
  4. Rough and Dangerous Play
  5. Aerial Ball