Updated: February 2015

(1) Level 9 High School modified rules as dictated in the New York State Public High School Technical Handbook for Girls’ Gymnastics (M. DeCristoforo).

(2) Each Section must have a minimum of 3 AA and 3 Specialists per event at the start of competition. Competition begins at the start of Friday’s warm-up.

(3) Top five scores in each event count toward the Team Score.

(4) Other than the 3 AA, a girl who qualifies as a Specialist in all four events is also eligible for the AA Award.

(5) The preliminary lineup and roster must be submitted two weeks before the meet or the day after your sectional qualifier - whatever is last. The final lineup of all gymnasts who are competing must be submitted at the beginning of Friday’s warm-up. Substitutions can only be made from the final roster. If an injury takes place during Friday’s warm-ups, Saturday’s competition or touch warm up, the Section will be entitled to replace the gymnast in the same order. This will entitle each Section to six gymnasts and will not hinder their team scoring. Warm-up time for a second alternate will be provided - 2 minutes on Saturday’s competition.

(6) During competition, only two coaches are allowed on the floor, except for moving landing mats and bar sets. 

(7) During Friday’s warm-ups, any number of coaches may assist.

(8) An inquiry form will be available from the meet referee during competition. Inquiries must be submitted within five minutes after the completion of the rotation.

(9) Section music should be available on one iPod in the order gymnasts are competing if possible. CDs may be used.

(10) There will be two judges per event, plus a meet referee.

(11) Section Team leotards should be used (color - optional). Each section has the option to wear school leotards –no team deductions will result. 

(12) Awards will be given to the top six places in every event. Certificate for participants will be provided. 

(13) During competition, the Section must address the Head Judge at each event prior to warm-up.

(14) Chairs will be provided at each event for the gymnasts and two coaches. Stretching is permitted for the on-deck gymnast -- no one moves to a different event until the announcer says so.

(15) A gymnast may not leave the floor area unless they have the permission of the Meet referee/coach.

(16) No jewelry, which includes visible body piercing objects, shall be worn in any sport. Any piece of jewelry, that is visible at the start of or during a contest, is in violation of the NYSPHSAA Jewelry Rule. Religious medals must be taped to the body and under the uniform. Medical medals must be taped to the body so they are visible. Metal barrettes are allowed but no loose bobby pins. Body gems are not allowed. If the infraction occurs during the competition day warm-up, the gymnast will receive a “0" in the first event she is competing in. 

(16A) Appropriate warm-up attire - leotards and spandex only. A gymnast's undergarments must be same color. The uniform deduction of .20 (per gymnast) will be taken from the team score. Leotards cannot be hanging down (tied around the waist).

(17) After receiving a list of eligible officials from the NYSHSGA Coordin¬ator, each Section Coordinator will send names of three officials - Level 9 or higher to Meet Director for consideration to judge the State Meet.

(18) The top six sections and the bottom five sections from the previous year team scores will be randomly paired for morning warm-up and competition. 

(19) Competition rules/warm-up format B see additional sheet.

(20) All videotaping (and photos) will be permitted outside the competition area only. NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.

(21) Cells phone are not permitted in the competition area for coaches and gymnasts, with the exception for floor exercise music.