Championship Preview
2019 NYSPHSAA Boys Soccer Championships

The 2019 NYSPHSAA Boys Championships return to Middletown High School on Saturday, November 16 and Sunday, November 17. Saturday features 10 semifinal games across five classesthat will be played on three different fields. All finals on Sunday will be played at Middletown High School on the main stadium turf field or the grass field adjacent to the main stadium.

Dates Saturday, November 16-Sunday, November 17

Middletown High School

Broadcast Coverage


   Saturday, November 16 (Semifinals)             Semifinal Site             
Class AA 9:15am and 12:30pm Twin Towers Middle School
Class A 8:45am and 11:15am Faller Field-Grass
Class B 1:45pm and 4:15pm Faller Field-Grass
Class C 8:30am and 11:00am Faller Field-Turf
Class D  1:30pm and 4:00pm Faller Field Turf


  Sunday, November 17 (Finals) Finals Site
Class AA 10:00am Faller Field-Turf
Class A 12:30pm Faller Field-Turf
Class B 3:00pm Faller Field-Turf
Class C 10:30am Faller Field-Grass
Class D 1:00pm Faller Field-Grass


Reminder for Spectators:

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Championship Scoreboard



2018 NYSPHSAA Boys Soccer Championships
Saturday, November 10 - Sunday, November 11
Middletown High School | Middletown

State Semifinals-Class AA Time  Site
Clarence (6)                      1
Port Washington (8)          0
1:30pm Turf
Baldwinsville (3)                1
Monroe-Woodbury (9)        4
4:00pm Turf


State Semifinals-Class A Time Site
Brighton (5)                      0
Amityville Memorial (11)    2
9:15am Mount Saint Mary College

Queensbury (2)                  1
Somers (1)                         2

12:30pm Mount Saint Mary College


State Semifinals-Class B Time Site
East Aurora (6)             0
Briarcliff (1)                    1
8:30am Turf
Westhill (3)                    3
Schalmont (2)                1
11:00am Turf


State Semifinals-Class C Time Site
Geneseo (5)                5
S.S. Seward (9)           1
8:45am Marlboro High School
Lansing (4)                         3
Madrid-Waddington (10)     1
11:15am Marlboro High School


State Semifinals-Class D Time  Site
Finney (5)                  2
Mount Academy (9)   2  (4-1 on PK's)
1:45pm Marlboro High School
Chazy (7)                   2
Marathon (4)              0
6:00pm Middletown High School-Turf


State Championship Matches- Sunday, November 12
Class AA Middletown High School Turf 2:30pm (9) Monore-Woodbury 2
(6) Clarence 0
Class A Middletown High School Turf 8:30am (1) Somers  1
(11) Amityville 2
Class B Middletown High School Turf 10:30am (1) Briarcliff 0
(3) Westhill 1
Class C Middletown High School Turf 12:30pm (4) Lansing 3
(5) Geneseo 0
Class D Middletown High School Turf 4:30pm (7) Chazy 3
(9) Mount Academy 0