Rules Updates
2018-19 NFHS Rules Changes

4-3-1: Eliminates redundant language and expands definition of foundation garments.

Rationale: This change expands the current interpretation of foundation garment to include any item worn under the uniform top and/or bottom as well as eliminate duplicate language in same rule.

4-3-2: Clarifies uniform language for relay and cross country team members.

Rationale: Slight differences in design of uniform do not negatively impact the identification of a relay or cross country team. The expectation of this rule is that all relay and cross country team members can be clearly identified as representing the same school.

6-6-11, 6-8-12: Records measurement in discus and javelin to the nearest lesser inch or centimeter.

Rationale: Clarifies measurements when using metric system.

6-9-4, 6-9-5: Clarifies pit measurements for long jump and triple jump.

Rationale: Ensures pit measurements are within industry standards for safety.

8-1-1 thru 3: Clarifies legal course layout.

Rationale: Clarification of course markings.

8-3-2 thru 5: Clarifies order of finish based on torso.

Rationale: Clarifies that no matter the system used, the order of finish is based on when the torso crosses the finish line.


2019 Editorial Changes

6-2-20: Provides consistent language in the rules book, case book and officials manual.

Rationale: Consistency with wording in the rules books.


2019 Editorial Changes

4-6-5 Notes, 5-1-3, 8-6-1 thru 3, 5-2-3, 5-3-6, 6-5-1, 6-9-1


2019 Points of Emphasis

  1. Uniforms
  2. Wearable Technology
  3. Officials Safety and Recommendations in Vertical and Horizontal Jumps