Rules Updates
A waiver of rule 1.5.4 - Referee Stand - The referee and platform must be distributed evenly behind the net post. The ladder must be distributed evenly at the back of the referee platform.
Previous Rules Modifications:

A contestant (or team) may participate in a maximum of 2 matches in a day. Each day of a tournament shall count as 1 contest. The total number of tournament games played in one day shall not exceed 15 games. An additional 15 point game is permitted only to break ties in pool play to advance to finals as per tie-breaking procedures. In tournament play volleyball teams shall have at least ten minutes of rest between matches. All games will be played according to NCAA Rules with all games played to 25 points. Teams will be permitted 18 substitutions and will switch at 13 points in the deciding game. Waivers/Modifications:

A. Girls and Boys Volleyball:

1.            Two score keepers are permitted with the home score book as the official score book. (Feb. 2008)

2.            With Section approval, the use of lines people during league play may be waived. (May 2007)

3.            Teams can warm-up behind or adjacent to the court during the warm-up period. (May 2005)

4.            If uniform specifications are not compliant, these procedures will be followed:

(April 2004)

a.  Notify the coach of the team at fault of the violation. The team will attempt to legalize the uniform of the team member(s) in questions.

b.  If the uniform fault cannot be legalized, meet with the opposing coach to determine whether a protest will be filed.

c. If no protest is filed at this time, no future protest will be accepted on this issue.

d.  If protest is filed, follow protest procedure and play the match. e. The libero uniform is exempt from this modification.

5.            The time length of all time outs is 60 seconds (August 2009).

6.            Jewelry Rule: A waiver of NCAA Rule 7.2.3 to permit, if a substitution request is acknowledged (whistled), and the player is wearing an illegal uniform or jewelry or has illegal equipment, the substitution is denied and a delay sanction assessed. If warm-up activities or play must be interrupted because of a player wearing an illegal uniform, jewelry or equipment, that team is assessed a delay sanction. The jewelry must be removed before the player can participate further.  If, during the warm-up period, a player responds promptly to a referee's request to remove jewelry or illegal equipment, a delay sanction is not assessed. (May 2010)

7.            Officials may issue a yellow card to a coach for unsportsmanlike behavior. (August 2012)

Scrimmages:  A volleyball scrimmage must include  one or more of the following:

1.            Each server shall serve 3-5 consecutive serves regardless if the point was scored before the other team would get the ball. (rotate)

2.            Games would start at point 4 all and end at point 25 or a game could be timed with no point cap.